yet another backsplash quandry

seydouxAugust 7, 2014

I have a rustic modern kitchen design and I fell in love with rain forest brown granite. Now what can I do about the backsplash? There will be a rustic reclaimed wood shelf above. I don't really want to do subway because I think it will look dated very soon. I need something simple but with some interest.

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Very pretty granite. As for subway tile, its probably the least likely to look dated to me. Simple and classic. Eventually everything will look dated to a certain extent, its unavoidable. From what I've learned on this site, a busy counter should have a simple backsplash, and vice versa. Too much going on in both is overwhelming and distracting, IMO.

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I agree with hpny2 - if you view your kitchen the way you view a painting or a photograph, there should be a main area of focus with details that support the focus and don't distract from it. Your granite is beautiful. If you want that to be your focus, then the backsplash needs to provide an easy transition for the eyes from the wood shelves to the countertop. Maybe look at some of the Heath Ceramics glazes in standard 4x4 tiles if you don't like subway tile. Another option would be to do a subtle dimensional tile in a very quiet, complimentary color. I like the dimensional tiles from ModCraft (link included), but pretty much every tile manufacturer has some kind of dimensional tile to explore. The only thing I'd absolutely stay away from would be mosaics.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I actually think subway tile will likely never look dated, but if you don't want it you don't want it.

Check our Fireclay tile in a plainish color. We have a Fireclay crackle tile for our backsplash, but our counters are "Organic White".

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Plain sheet glass, back painted or more granite. I don't think subway or small format tile are quite right for this kitchen. (Not that there's anything the matter with either one.

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Backpainted glass or some very large format tiles, maybe even plank floor tiles.

(Urban Groove at Costco)

Tip: Also google image search for splashback (for UK and Australian sites).

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A high quality scrubbable paint works too. I agree with you to forgo traditional tiling. You might be able to find some good alternatives googling European kitchens.

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Your granite (not rustic at all, IMO) combined with your modern cabinets need a backsplash that makes a statement. I love the first 4 pics that nosoccermom posted. Anything similar to those 4 options would make your kitchen a standout.

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