Escaping Hood Hell, live_wire, others please help?

kksmamaAugust 2, 2013

Some of you will remember that I tortured myself and those patient enough to read my posts with how to make a hood go up to 12' without seeming too tall and dominating the room. Here is the link:

The great news is that I don't really have to go all the way up! Adjacent rooms have lower ceilings, so I can simply go through the wall at a more appropriate height and then through the attic to the roof. It makes the dimensions much easier to handle and here is the latest drawing:

The perimeter cabinets are white shaker, the island is espresso, so I've intended to make the bottom and top of the hood white, and the middle espresso, which is why there is the 8" of negative space on either side (thanks live_wire):

Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis General Contractors Stonewood, LLC
An alternative would be to forget this design and go with a simpler, all white, shaker hood connected to the upper cabinets (which could then be wider like the lowers) like this one:

Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Designers Casa Verde Design
Venting has consumed more of my budget and much more of my time than anything else! I have to move on, but after all that I'd like this to be more than "okay": which design gets me closer to hood heaven? If I go with the two-tone, should the bottom be more like 9" instead of 12, with the dark part more like 29" instead of 26"? Set it a little lower and add a slight arch to the front panel? WWYD?

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I am no expert, but I love the hood as drawn in your sketch. I prefer that to a connected hood.
For color, I am inspired by the way that alabama mommy and motherof3sons incorporated rich wood, and creamy white in their kitchens. Your inspiration hood is also a mix of two tones, but I think it is metal, not wood. Have you seen the GW kitchens I referenced, perhaps you will like them too and glean more inspritation. Here are the links:
Alabama Mommy:

Here is a link that might be useful: Motherof3sons

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I like the hood as drawn, except for one thing that may or may not bother you. I think it needs to be slightly taller. 6" taller than the rest of the cabinets doesn't give it the "presence" that it deserves, IMHO. Of course, sketches can sometimes be deceiving especially since it's not showing the larger darker mass that will have more presence, so until you have it in a software and can play with different perspectives in it, it's hard to judge a flat black and white elevation. (Sorry for the "weasel words" of "it depends.", but it does!)

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Really appreciate the input, Localeater and Live_wire! I'm worried about the hood having too much presence...but then again, after all this, I don't want to be timid. No worry about the disclaimers, live_wire - you always tell it like it is and all GWers appreciate it!

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