kitchen design---what would you suggest?

yborgalAugust 5, 2011

My daughter bought a 1928 home and the kitchen needs to be gutted. A kitchen planner designed this layout but I'm

sure the space could be used more efficiently.

Right now the sink is not centered with the window. The refrigerator is in the corner and there's no landing space for hot foods coming out of the ovens.

It would be nice to have a spot for people to sit and snack or chat while the cook is preparing meals.

Are we expecting too much from this awkward space?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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you'll need to post measurements of each wall, window, doorway.

width of refridge, ovens, stove.

size of family, more than 1 cook?

what rooms do the doors go into?

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And tell us if any doorways can be moved.

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How about an island with cooktop and oven below counter.Bring frig to range location shown in pic.Get rid of ovens and frig in pic and put a corner hutch in that back corner with a style playing up the age and details in home.You'll get clearance for walking around island with this as well.What do you want to do with hoosier cab?

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Monablair, I've been reading your other thread over in the decorating forum. Your daughter's house is a real stunner--she has a great eye for gems.

I believe this forum can give her the best possible layout, probably better than the professional she hired. Some posters here create full-on layout drawings for perfect strangers. But first, folks have to know whether she will be committed to at least listening to the suggestions, so that time can be well spent. Also, getting a layout here also requires a commitment to doing a little work, which includes measured layout drawings and photos and such. If she's up for it, we sure are!

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Is the hoosier cab a piece she already owns? I love the look but a lot of space is alotted for it, maybe switch the hoosier for a smaller version, if it is not already existant, to the fridge/oven wall and place a small landing betw/ the two appliances on the hoosier wall? Or move fridge to L space and move the oven to the now fridge space and add a landing on the right for oven food placement.

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Marcolo, thanks for the nice words about the house.

I'm going to the house to get measurements so you know the space she has to work with. I'll take pictures of the current demolition.....ooh, it's brutal.

The planned kitchen:
The doorway next to the Hoosier cabinet can be moved to the left to get a better alignment with the other doorway.

The Hoosier cabinet will be a free standing cabinet she would purchase for that wall.

An island would be wonderful, but how do we place it so it's not in the middle of the traffic pattern?

The large,lower window will be raised and resized and centered on the wall and the sink would be under that window.

Here are a few pictures of the once existing kitchen.

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In the choice to move the doorway, has there been a decision to NOT open up to another room? the ambience/budget/goals sought after are helpful to's sounding like an enclosed space which will stay that way?? A space for people to sit and chat with the cook, as you mention, can be achieved with a drop leaf table, island , figure out what the overall
goal and feel is..and folks will take it from there.

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beautiful home! I do agree on blocking those pics and moving the photos of it only to photobucket or somewhere without the address/zillow info etc.

it does look like moving that one doorway would make it open directly into the area where the table/chairs would be - and it doesn't look like a really wide space in there.

OTOH, if the doorway is moved it would give a great sized U with space on either 'leg' for appliances - like refrig on the top one and oven on the lower one - it looks like there might be enough space on the lower right cab run (side w/window and sink) for the stove. Then having the sink off center would make sense to put space between it and the stove.

however, once the measurements etc are given the masterminds here will come up with the best use of the space for your dd.

that the hoosier cab has not yet been bought means that the whole wall where it is drawn in is not necessarily needed for it.

It also looks like there will be a nice space on the far left of the room for a nice table and a few chairs - or even a few comfy type chairs with a small table between them - for visitors to chat with you while you cook.

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This is off topic but I love the door hardware. I don't know how practical it is in a kitchen but she should take a couple pics of it in place, salvage it and sell it on eBay, even if it is for the price of covering costs. I think someone would probably like to clean it up or replate it and use it.

It would be nice to salvage the Talavera tile and do something with that too, since it is part of the history of the house. Talavera of some sort would actually make a great backsplash in the new kitchen too.

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Lovely home! Would she be interested in removing the wall between the breakfast room and the kitchen? (I am assuming here that the darling looking casual eating area is adjacent...)

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Palimpsest...I too was fascinated by the hardware when seen. If any of the cabinets are functional after deconstruction, would find a place for them. Even in the garage or attic for storage. Do save the hardware though, they may be solid brass, even if not, they are still unique.

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New designer...great design

This person came up with a perfect plan that doesn't involve moving the doorway. The only resizing will involve the window over the sink.
I'll post pictures when I get them.
My pictures are SOOOO flattering to these cabinets. They are so dirty and greasy and sticky right now.
Actually, they are wonderful cabinets and would be perfect in another house once painted or refinished. Apparently they were built on site, solid wood and are in units, not individual cabinets.
They will be repurposed into the garage. We'll check to see what the hardware is made of. She never even considered they might be made of brass.

Looks like it might be months before move-in time, but the wait will be worth it.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

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Glad we could help?

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I'm back with the new design plans. The only thing lacking is a space for guests to sit at while the cook is preparing dinner. My daughter will address that issue after the kitchen is completed, but is leaning towards a pub table with 2 chairs in the space in front of a window. That window wall isn't shown, but the hoosier cabinet is across from the fridge wall and the window is centered on that wall.

Please take a look and voice opinions. She could use some good advice on this remodel.

Looking towards the breakfast room.

Looking towards the side window

Looking from the breakfast room towards the mudroom,office, side entrance.

In the last photo you catch a glimpse of the hoosier cabinet that goes from the doorway to the side wall and it is across from the fridge wall.

The sink wall (side walls) is 142" and the stove wall (front and back) is 126", I'm almost positive. I've measured so many things in that house that my memory is failing me. Sorry.

I have other pics I'm trying to post, but I have glitches I'm dealing with.

Thank you all for the suggestions in the previous post (now deleted). They were most helpful. This design is not final and she's still willing to make changes for a better kitchen.

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I am losing it. I'm usually more organized than this.

The kitchen measures 224 from side to side and 142 from front to back.

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