Jumbo clock mounted on front of house

matildajaneNovember 21, 2012

What I saw recently is so out of the box that I cannot fathom it. A well maintained two story colonial in my neighborhood has a newly mounted jumbo clock mounted on the front of the house. This really weirds me out! The clock is mounted in the top center of the house. Do you suspect the owner has lost his marbles or is this a new trend. (ROFLMO)

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Are you sure it isn't a court house?

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I think I will put one over the garage door when my DS starts driving and has a curfew, I could put a big spot light on it also.

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Oh please - can you post a photo? That's got to be something to see.

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There's a lovely home in my neighborhood with a large clock near the front door, and I actually like it. To hear it without seeing it sounds weird I know, so I'll try to remember to take a picture when I drive by it tomorrow, but with all the cooking going on, we'll see. I realize I do have a thing for clocks, so maybe it's just me, but I can see how it could look interesting.

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Mellyc, I hear you about the curfew! I got this tip from another mom when our first started driving. Set your alarm clock for his curfew. When he comes in, he turns it off before it alarms. If he is late, the alarm sounds and you wake up if you were asleep and know he's late!

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I think it's a wonderful idea for someone who owns either a clock manufacturing business or clock store. If it becomes a trend business will boom! LOL

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Maybe a pre-Christmas decoration?

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KSWL, brilliant. I will try to remember that if I'm not senile by the time mine drive ...

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My parents just never gave me a key to the house. They locked it at curfew and I had to ring the bell to be let in if I was late.

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A good friend grew up with this alarm clock trick. Mom and dad slept very well. He rarely made curfew. He paid his younger siblings to turn it off.

Our neighbor has a large clock to the side of their front door. Two years ago it was an unusual site, now it is just part of the neighborhood.

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Love the curfew ideas! Here's a picture of the house with exterior clock I sometimes drive by. The round clock shape mimics a porthole style window along the side. The house is actually cuter than this photo appears. They have a cute little chair with ikat pillow. Now a clock is not something I'd use, but this one doesn't make me think of courthouses or curfews. heh heh

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Kswl, that's exactly what my mother did, lo these many years ago! She, kindly, set hers for 15 minutes past my curfew. Somehow that little bit of leeway made me respect it more, as I recall.

I kept the tradition alive, too, and recommend it.

But back to the topic at hand, I think the giant clock sounds very peculiar. Are they moonlighting as a bus station...??

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I like it, it's different if not entirely original, and has a trendy roulette wheel look about it.

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I am not weirded out by anyone's choice in exterior decorations (the clock actually sounds nice),

but I do dislike those stupid, cheap-looking inflatables.

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There's this new (well a decade old, now) carriage house in Baltimore with the clock. Been in it, a cool place.


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I actually don't object to the clock on the outside of the house and think it can look nice. However, my problem would be having to change the time on the clocks when the time changes. The one sujafr posted would be fine---just one more to do when you're changing all the otehr clocks---but ones high up on the house (like the one posted by sombreuil) would be a pain. I already have more than a dozen clocks to change twice a year, plus the ones in our cars, so I wouldn't be too eager to add any more to have to do.

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No problem at all; the clockworks are on the main floor, driving a shaft and gears to the clock face in the gable. I can't remember if it's an 8 day or 30 hour movement.

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I think it's very odd to have a clock on the outside of a house. I've certainly never seen that before. It looks great on the picture Casey posted though, but I think it's the style of house. I actually thought it was a business, so maybe that's why it looks okay. When I picture the houses in my neighborhood, I think it would look strange.

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A clock is so much nicer than a GIANT AFRICAN MASK that a new owner put on this 1970's contemporary that we passed when going to school--in the 1970's. I kid you not, this thing was about 12x14 on the almost blank wall of two story garage+bonus room section of this house that had a shed roof with skylights on it. The house faced the smaller cross street, and this was a side wall that only had the bonus room as habitable space looking toward the main street. Most of it was blank board and batten siding and they must have felt the need to ornament it. So one day, the giant mask appeared on it. Needless to say, the home got a reputation for voodoo and devil worship and anything else that a kids imagination could create out of such a display. It would possibly not have been so out of place in a downtown loft or urban arts district type of setting, but in surburbia in the 70's, it was just wierd and offputting.

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It does sound rather odd but I'd rather see a clock on a colonial house than one of those awful barn stars. Apologies to all who like or even have them, but barn stars belong on barns. I suppose some styles of houses can stand up to having a star nailed to the side, but I think they are dreadful. At least a voodoo mask is unique!

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I am not a star fan, either. There is one on a Cap Cod style house up the street. I do like the clock on the shingles house above, though. It goes!!!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I hate those stars if for nothing less than their ubiquity.

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I think the clock on the front porch screams in your face WHAT TIME IS IT? SHOULD YOU BE RINGING THE DOORBELL AT THIS HOUR?, while the clock in Casey's picture is there if you want to check the time. Not as obnoxious. It also sounds as though if you're lucky enough to be invited in, you can see the clockworks, which is cool.

To me, after screaming about the time, the front porch clock says "look what I found at Home Goods", although to be fair perhaps up close it's better quality than that. It also steals some of the thunder from the cute little round window. Since they aren't decorating to please me, it doesn't really matter if I like it or not.

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Casey, what street in Bmore? I don't think I have ever seen it. maybe it has been repainted and I don't recognie it.Would love to drive by it.

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Looking at For Sale homes today, I stumbled on this garden clock. lol

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The clock doesn't bother me nearly as much as the satellite dish and the electric meter. What a weird house. Take away the dish, the meter and the clock and it's not bad.

Thank you to everyone who also hates barn stars.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

So funny, why are they even bothering landscaping when ignoring the elephants?

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I don't know if the barn stars are a nation-wide trend, but here in Texas (in the country no less!) they are EVERYWHERE. The only time I saw one I liked was when we were house hunting and this charming little country house had a copper one that had to be at least 5' across hung on one side of the house. Too bad the roof was caving in!

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Elraes Miller

The clock on the porch looks painted on. I can't see that it is an actual working clock. Perhaps it has some meaning to them. I don't like it at all.

The last picture sure does have the wrong things in the wrong place. Again, the clock may have meaning, perhaps a trip. Let's add more and put a red phone booth sitting by it.

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I'm the troublemaker who started this discussion. When I first saw the clock on the front of this house, the clock screamed at me. It seemed huge and so incredibly weird, but captured in a photo it appears no larger than a pinhead.....similar to the person who installed it. (Smiles!) This peculiar decoration doesn't bother me as much as the guy next door who uses his yard as a trash heap.

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matildajane--I agree with you---cannot fathom what they could possibly have been thinking on the one you saw!! Weird!

technicolor--BTW, that clock on the porch is not painted on. It is definitely hanging there in 3D and appears functional.

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re matildajane's neighbor -- I wonder if it isn't an inside joke of some kind. Like maybe they have a teenager constantly missing curfew. Otherwise, I think the blank space was bothering someone, and they grabbed something nearby to fill it up. Because it's too small to really have any intentional impact (and I think the once on the shingle house earlier in the thread kind of works because of the scale).

This post was edited by jakabedy on Wed, Nov 28, 12 at 13:40

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That's pretty bad. I'll bet they think it looks like the photo that Casey posted above. But boy, does it ever miss the mark.

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Oh my! I have a clock and a star on my back patio.

I do admit I like them.

I have a thing for clocks, a large one on my range hood, large clock over bed in the guest room, both patios and the play room have over sized clocks.

BUT I only have one large metal star!

My sister commented "you like clocks don't you? "

: )

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