Grohe at Lowes!?!

swisscookAugust 17, 2011

Okay I'm confused. When to Lowe's yesterday to do a bit of 'looking' -- Saw Grohe Zedra Cafe Lady Lux for $349. That is 1/2 of the price it was at a private store. And now Lowe's carries Franke USA sinks and Elkay sinks...So is this the same as Jennifer Lopez making clothing for Kohls department store?

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This is a surprise. FWIW, I paid $285 (on sale) for my Grohe Minta faucet via an on-line retailer, and Lowes is selling it for $357.

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I may be wrong, but I had thought that the "Zedra" line was a faucet mass-produced by Grohe specifically for sale to real estate developers and builders who would be buying hundreds or thousands at a time. It was not meant for sale to the individual consumer. Maybe that has changed, or Grohe is still selling them in large counts, but now to a mass retailer like Lowe's. I don't know. The Zedra is similar to the Ladylux Pro which is sold to the individual consumer via retail and online stores. When you say "half the price at a private store", are you certain? Perhaps the private store was selling a different line than the Zedra. The various Ladylux faucets (Pro, Cafe, Plus, 3) range in price, depending upon finish, from approx. $300 up to about $475. So the one you saw at Lowe's is not half the price of a Grohe Ladylux faucet found elsewhere.

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Look at the box. I bought a grohe faucet for my bathroom from there, it seemed like better quality than any other faucet I was finding at HD or Lowes. However, as is with all things, if it seems too good to be true, it is.

Again, look at at the box...mine says "designed in Germany", but the fine print says "made in Taiwan". You might be facing the same situation that happens with some of the other faucets from Lowe's and HD, of not being able to get replacement parts if needed. In my situation, it doesn't matter, I only need it to look good and have the Grohe name on it.....(why? I'll be posting an update to BKW's life soon....)

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My plumber told me to get it at the local store instead of the big box. The big box stores use plastic parts that wont always do well in the long run. So I spent a little more but went for better quality. Also I'm happy to support the local guy especially in times like these when small businesses are struggling.

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I'm not surprised to read this. I just bought what I thought was a $350 American Standard toilet for $250 at Lowes. On AS' website it said the toilet came with a soft-close seat. I opened the box and found a flimsy plastic seat. The Lowes version was "exclusive" by substituting a $50+ seat with a $5 seat o reduce the cost. This kind of customizing happens all the time with big box stores and wholesale clubs.

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I always thought that "customizing" meant an upgrade of some sort, but nope, I guess it works the other way as well.

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Big BOx stores are not discount stores. No claims to being cheaper then any one else.They do to have products from big name manufactors that are made for them only. Almost always they are not as well made as the more expensive named products and people get seduced into buying by the name only. Check for quality before purchasing..

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My contractor has told me that the big box stores may sell Kohler, Grohe, etc but the valves are not the same quality as the plumbing supply store. He doesn't want to install faucets from the big box stores because he warranties his work for a year and doesn't want to come back to replace any faucets.

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You need to check the exact model number - if the number is the same at the big box store as the specialty plumbing store, it is the same fixture. If it differs by even one letter or number then it is a different product made for the big box store, possibly with cheaper parts.

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THANKS EVERYBODY! Very helpful!!! I was also told by the plumber not to buy in the big box stores; He said in the long run it isn't worth the money and he has trouble with parts, etc. as Weissman mentioned. Okay, off to the local plumbing supply - appreciate the clarification.

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