Copper for my hood?

kksmamaAugust 11, 2013

I'm sorry to bother you all about this again, it has been the most difficult part of my kitchen remodel. I think I've got the bones right, thank to live_wire_oak in a previous thread; here is the drawing. The "body" will be a little taller and I think the top molding will be, too, like the inspiration picture, but with straight body sides.

I've been trying to work in the painted white of the cabinets and the stained espresso of the island, but am not so confident about the stained wood. I love copper, but have tried to ignore the yearning because of the expense. But I remember that circuspeanut used copper for DIY counters, and I'm thinking that some (thin?) sheet metal used as a cover can't be too expensive, can it? I doubt my cabinet maker has done it, but it can't be all that difficult, right?
Here are some inspiration pictures from Houzz, could something like this work for me? I know I could faux paint, the bottom one is done that way...but I'd really love the real thing! At a medium level of patina,I think it would tie in my warm wood floors and the espresso island. I have some copper décor items in the adjacent room, and could add more. I've been thinking of my kitchen as leaning toward transitional/ copper with a patina always traditional?

Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers Ruffino Cabinetry

Traditional Kitchen

And this one with bronze cladding

Traditional Kitchen by Oakland Architects & Designers Jack Backus Architects

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I think patina'd copper can go in so many directions... modern, rustic, traditional. I may be using a copper panel behind my vintage stove in a rustic-y leaning kitchen redo.

Someone on here told me they got theirs from an HVAC company. Hmmm. I know Angie DIY did a copper front for the fridge. Circus had the counter top. I can't think of the name but this very nice GW'er had a big spread.... Allison!

Check out the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allison's copper hood

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Oh wow, Allison's kitchen is amazing! I adore that iron seal behind the range. Thank you, Deedles, I'll do some searching for posts by those GWers that might give me direction on finding/using copper.

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I had a beautiful copper hood in a medium patina in my old traditional light yellow kitchen with dark wood floors. I think it would be just as beautiful in a transitional kitchen. The only thing to consider IMO is whether you like the look of copper with stainless appliances and whatever finish you have on your cabinet hardware. I did antiqued stainless hardware that was nearly black and then the stainless stove and stainless handle on the fridge.

I was thinking about doing a zinc hood in my current kitchen to better match all the stainless stuff, but couldn't get my act together. If you can find a place that will do a copper veneer, I think it will be stunning.

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Holly- Kay

I think copper would look gorgeous. I would love to have my stainless hood clad with copper but have no clue how to make it happen.

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Thanks, Finestra. GW has some amazing threads on this in the metalworking forum, I'll link the longest one here for future searchers.
You are right, I do have to worry a bit about the metal finishes. I'm wishing I'd gone with a cabinet front fridge instead of stainless......I don't think it can be changed. I had planned to go with satin nickel hardware, I'm using stainless finish faucets. Maybe orb, though I'm not so sure about that against very white cabinets...

Here is a link that might be useful: All about copper counters and hoods

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