Who modified an Ikea cabinet with a "proper" trash pullout?

staceyneilAugust 16, 2013

I am sorry, I can't recall. For a client I once used a Rev-A-Shelf inner unit to make a trash pullout where the slides are door-mounted and near the top. I'm wondering what other mods people have done that might not be as expensive. My mom is on a tight budget! It's a 15" cabinet and I'm hoping to get 2 bins in there, trash and recycle.


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I just installed the single version of this. I wanted the double, but it was a half inch too large because the pipes were in the way. The slides work well and there were only four screws on the bottom, so it installed in minutes (the screws were included, though it indicated they were not.)

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I think most people just get a deep drawer from Ikea and mount it near the floor. The door front is then mounted to the drawer so its a pullout, The key will be finding trash cans the right size to allow you to fit 2 cans - no matter what
product you use. Its easy for an 18 inch cabinet but 15 is a little small for 2 cans.

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We have a 15" Ikea pullout cabinet and did as numbersjunkie said - deep drawer at the bottom with a 24" high door attached on front. There's a shallow drawer at the top. We have both trash and recycling in there, but I think some folks would find our bins smaller than they'd like. The slides being at the bottom have been no issue at all.

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