Should I expect an adjustment on invoice?

juleslAugust 16, 2013

I've been posting about the difficulties we've had with our kitchen remodel mostly with the customer service and the person the GC wanted us to work with for our granite and backsplash .We had a contract for a polished marble for the backsplash and she ordered an unpolished limestone. Fortunately, I had pictures and samples of the agreed upon material. We hear nothing from her for 3 weeks after the limestone debacle. We don't hear from the GC either, even though I had let him know that our island had an 8 inch crack in the back panel and a knot had fallen out when they placed the granite on it, Last week, the GC calls me and says he'll come and take a look at the island (I'm not at home while he does this). He filled the knot hole with a soft colored putty, which I think is fine looking but it is still soft after 1 week and he sanded the scratch so it isn't as noticeable ---but it's still there. He left an invoice with the backsplash taken off! He expects to just rid himself of the backsplash and get paid.

Should I expect the invoice to reflect credit for the scratch? The island cost us about $1300, which included $70 charge for this panel that has the scratch and should I require him to sign a contract stating his warranty for this piece? They also charged me $55 restocking fee for changing my mind on cabinet hardware, which I was going to pay however, they never put in the flatware drawer that we had agreed on and if I hadn't caught it, they were leaving it on the contract. And, then we'll get him out of our lives and find someone with integrity to do the backsplash.
Does this sound fair? I don't want to be harsh but I don't think they should get by with not finishing their end of the agreement.

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its simple, if its not done per satisfaction (a scratch would qualify...) and if things were not done that were in the contract, then do not pay the invoice until it is taken care of.
The putty you refer to sounds like its a non-hardening putty that is used so when things expand and contract in a larger hole, it does not crack and fall out.

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I wouldn't think there should be a knot in premium cabinetry wood unless you have knotty alder. What is the wood? Did the GC make these cabinets or a cabinet company? You also say there's an 8" crack, then you call it a scratch. If it's a crack, I would want the cabinet replaced. A cabinet company should take care of that without any hassle.

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Thanks for the responses. It is a crack, I tried to take a picture of it but it's hard to see. The GC sanded it down. The wood is hickory and we requested that we wanted some knots in the only the island . When the granite was placed on the island, the pressure must have caused the one of the knots to fall out and the crack to form.

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Sanding it might make the crack less visible, but cracks can travel over time due to stresses (just like a crack in a windshield). You can stop a crack from growing by drilling at the very ends and then fill the holes.

Seeing as the crack was caused when the granite was installed, the GC should make sure the cabinet gets repaired properly or better yet, replaced. With as much money as you are spending on your kitchen, you should not have to settle for a simple bandaid.

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