New Cabinets: how to protect and make the most of the interior?

hunterdonnjAugust 29, 2013

Hi. I have new Shiloh cabinets going in right now replacing 20 year old (?) repainted rough and tumble cabinets. I'd love to keep the insides looking neat and new. Does anyone put anything down on the bottom of the sink cab for example? Other than contact paper, is there some kind of new option? I'm also looking for a source for those pegged plate holders and custom size utensil tray. These cabinets are just too nice to use! Thank you.

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There was a recent thread about sink mats. Don't have time to find it now though. I posted about mine, made by Hafele, which came with my cabinets. You can buy it online. The thread discusses others as well.

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I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who feels that way about the new cabinets! I didn't use a sink mat, but did put all the under sink containers in a shallow box, and put down rubber shelf liners for under dishes and pans. I also put folded paper towels under the heavy serving bowl sets so that they slide easily but don't scratch the wooden shelves! Drives DH crazy but I want to keep the cabinets looking good for as long as possible!

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But you don't know if they look good if you keep them covered

Congratulations on the new kitchens!!


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I use the semi transparent ribbed plastic that can be cut to measure, it deafens the sound and protects and does not stand out, colorwise⦠BB&Beyond sells those rolls.

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I used a clear rubber shelf liner from IKEA. I have also seen dish holders there for drawers. I bought my silverware tray there.

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I bought the ribbed plastic shelf liner at BBB but it was way cheaper at Ikea.

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I put a plastic disk (top of a 1-lb coffee can) under the oil jar and one under the honey jar.

I put self-stick tiles under the wet bar, to cover up the 30 years of abuse.

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