I found 2 inches in kitchen! Where to put it?

2LittleFishiesAugust 15, 2012

We have 2 extra " and I'm wondering if I should put in the aisle where seating will be to make it 53" cab to cab....

OR put it into the back of the island for storage b/c I took 2" from there a couple of weeks ago (to gain aisle space) making the storage 10" instead of 12".

I don't know if that little 2 belongs in that diagram at middle of island, but I know for sure the island is 49" wide including 1" over hang of counter on each side. The overhang is 13 + 1 + 14"


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If this means that there is a cabinet in the island that is only 10" deep now and you are planning to store things like extra glasses, vases and pitchers it will be fine, however if you have any thoughts of putting any extra dishes in there, you might want to add the 2" there. I would rather increase the cabinets if I felt that I had enough room for seating already, which I think you do. Just my vote.

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I agree. It'll give you more options in what you can store there. Doesn't look like anything with a large door needs to open behind the seating area so you probably are fine with that.

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Thanks, I've been so concerned with seating space as I do not want to be cramped. However, maybe 12" would be more usable for back of island storage. I'm not really sure what's going in there yet.

Still open to other's thoughts of course! : )

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last call : )

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My overhang is 14" maybe I should put an inch on that to make it 15" and an inch in the back storage to make that 11"...

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