White dot on my dark Caesarstone

poodlemom_2008August 14, 2008

I had my lagos blue Caesarstone installed the other day. The counters look really nice; however, right smack in the middle of one section is a small white dot. We ran our fingers along it and it's not a chip, just an imperfection.

Again, it's small and anyone visiting would probably think it's fuzz from a napkin, but I know it's going to drive me crazy. There's got to be a way to camouflage it. I'm thinking of maybe dabbing it with a brown Sharpie, but was wondering if anyone else had any better ideas.

Thanks alot!

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I think I'd call the installer and see what they suggest. That would be unacceptable to me.

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Excuse my ignorance, but didn't I read that you choose slabs for Caesarstone like you do granite? I'm looking at quartz, too, and wondered. For what it costs, I would expect perfection.

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Someone had a similar problem with an engineered counter not too long ago. I think it was on her island and it looked like someone splattered paint. I don't think it was considered a defect, just something that happens in the manufacturing process. She might have ended up ripping it out and getting something different (??). Hopefully someone with a better memory will chime in. I say call the installer and if they are no help, try a Sharpie.

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Deee, I believe it was Cambria, and she had a big splotch of orange, instead of being evenly distributed. She was not happy. I would definitely go up to NH to approve my slab. Especially with a dead white, any imperfection will stick out like a sore thumb.

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I have Cambria Bristol Blue, and went to approve my slabs. I did find a small white dot on one, which was duly labelled to ensure they didn't use that part. Manufacturers do indicate on their websites and in their literature what size of imperfection is to be anticipated, and this sounds like something within their tolerances. I would recommend to anyone to get quartz, but to make sure they go and approve the slabs.

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there's something called 'resin pooling' that can happen with the engineered quartz surfaces. the 'glue' that binds the quartz together pools up and doesn't blend into the overall look.

the person with the cambria posted pictures of hers and it looked terrible. huge bright orange splotches in the middle of a brown-ish counter. i believe she was told that her situation was within the acceptable amount of resin pooling (which is a travesty, since it looked hideous).

yes, always approve your slabs in person.

to the OP--you should talk to your fabricator and perhaps to caesarstone, but given that it's such a small dot, i'm thinking they'll be little help to you. a sharpie might be your best option. maybe ask them if there's something else that might be a more permanent suggestion.

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Thanks for your quick responses.

I did some really careful scrutinizing, and now find another white dot (same size) by the faucet, and, get this, a 2-inch long small crack near the end of the run! (it looks like a tiny river on a map -- just a little white showing, but, who knows, that could eventually open up!)

(You know, when the fabricators finish and are standing there with the paperwork for you to sign, you can only really tell so much under the circumstances).

I just called the place I purchased it from and they're calling Caesarstone on my behalf. They said Caesarstone will probably send someone out to look at it. Seriously, for over $4,000, I should get a better product!

Thanks again for your responses...will keep you posted on what happens next.

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Color pooling is a fact of life with engineered stones, just as slab variablility is with granites. Your countertop is well within manufacturer's tolerances. We provide the manufacturer's specs right up front at purchase, although most people don't read them. We also have a couple of samples of countertops with color pooling or "insets" of off colored specs in them in our showroom. If I'm the one selling the countertop, I always make sure that the customer knows that this is normal with engineered stone, and that their countertop can look similar. It's all about setting the proper expectations, and while your countertops are not at all defective, your expectations weren't in line with the stated manufacturer's specs for the product. Adjusting your expectations after the fact is painful, but that will be the only remedy that your supplier is likely to offer.

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Hi live wire
Your posts were very informative. Can you please answer a couple more questions?

Is the color irregularity more likely to occur or to be noticeable in light or dark colors of Caesarstone? Or are there any particular colors that are good or bad in this respect?

Can one see the slabs they're getting before installation, and if there is a color irregularity, can one ask for a different slab?

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I had a super small chip on my dark brown zodiaq and had a fix nightmare...one guy said that he would have actually dabbed a sharpie on it instead of bringing out the big guns which ruined the slab....so I say break out the sharpie...

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Lagos Blue will also show white when it chips..and it can indeed chip. I chipped my sample very easily by dropping a buttter knife on it which landed handle down.

That said, maybe the best bet is to indeed find a sharpie that matches the counter...and keep it on hand.

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