Fun with my copper prep sink

PoohpupAugust 4, 2014

Hard to believe it, but my little girl is turning 9 today.

Kind of ran out of room when writing "birthday". Oops! I usually write messages in my 36" farm sink, but it was full of the dirty dishes left over from baking her requested banana nut bread and I was too tired to hand wash what didn't fit in the dishwasher. My pathetic attempt at drawing a puppy (her very favorite thing in the entire world) had to go on the side of the sink under the faucet.

In the two years since my kitchen was completed, the kids have gotten used to looking in the sink for messages and pictures on special days. :)

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Love it.
I am contemplating a copper sink for a powder room renovation. Any thoughts on using copper in a powder room?

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so cool !!!

that's something the kids will always remember :)

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That is one of the sweetest things I've seen. Yes, wonderful memories for them.

(I admit, at first I thought you were saying the sink was named Annie and the sink was turning 9 today. I have only had a half cup of coffee.)

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Beautiful! I remember you (I think it was you) posted one of these before. I absolutely love the idea of kids coming into the kitchen and running to read the sink.

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Fun!!! Happy b-day Annie!!!

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That is really sweet! Happy birthday Annie!

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Aww so sweet. Is that written with icing? The puppy is very impressive. Happy Birthday to your 9 yr old Annie. They grow way too fast, don't they?

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Very clever!

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hi poohpup :) you posted a FU to one of my posts this summer... :) adorable "sink art" ! I too have a farmhouse copper sink. We decided to put wax on it to keep it from turning but we did wait a bit too long to wax this time and have some color changing which is fine!! :) but just wondering how this copper sink thing works haha! will those spots go away eventually ? or are they there to stay? one looks like it's from a dish sitting in the sink... ;) also, about how long b4 the drawings /messages you make in your sink go away?

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localeater, I love my copper sinks. Hands down the easiest sinks I've ever had in a kitchen. Cleaning is a breeze and no worries about chipping, cracking or crazing. Mine are pretty stout and I can't imagine what it would take to put a dent in them. I'd do copper in a bathroom without hesitation. But, I will say you need to be the kind of person that can embrace copper and it's unique finish. If you get one that has a lacquered finish, good luck trying to keep it up. THAT would drive me batty. Mine change constantly and it's like having a piece of living artwork in the kitchen. Definitely never a uniform finish since the day I started using it.

sprtphntc, my kids definitely remember. How many kids do you know who get up on holidays and rush to the kitchen sink to have a look? lol My daughter was sure I'd forgotten when she saw the main sink had dirty dishes in it. Then her brother told her to check out the prep sink and all was well. :)

cal_quail, that was too funny! lol It's always easier to think clearly once that first cup of coffee is finished. lol

Bellsmom, you have a good memory! The first sink art I did was for my daughter's 7th birthday. The link is below. That seems both forever ago and yesterday at the same time.

cat_mom and malabacat, thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

vinudev_liny, the message is finger painted with ketchup. I keep thinking I'll try doing it with q-tips one of these days, but always end up using my finger. The puppy was a challenge but I guess it didn't turn out too bad considering how late it was and I couldn't see it until I washed off the ketchup. The most important thing was it made her smile. :)

scpalmetto, thank you. :)

melkel31, the message will start fading right away but takes time to disappear completely. It will look a little less crisp tomorrow and a little less then next day. It's a process. I really should take pictures every day to show the process. Maybe I'll do that with this one. I'm guessing this message will be completely gone by three weeks. My prep sink doesn't get the same kind of use that my main sink gets so I would expect the message will take longer to disappear than one done in my main sink. The messages/artwork in my main sink are generally pretty unrecognizable after a couple of weeks.

This photo is of a message I did for some visiting friends. I did this one in my main sink and this was taken when the message was three days old. It's already getting hard to tell what it said.

If you're using wax on your sink, the copper won't oxidize so you're essentially sealing whatever it looks like when you apply the wax. Truthfully, that would drive me insane trying to keep it uniform or "perfect". I'd stop waxing and embrace the changes. Those marks from pots, pans, dishes, food, whatever, will fad and be covered over by reactions and you end up overlapping reactions. I don't give a second thought about tossing something in my sink. I definitely don't rinse the sink out quickly just because I pour out at glass of orange juice in the sink or scraped ketchup off. I always wonder what I'm going to find when I clean out the pile of dirty dishes. It's always changing and I really enjoy that.

My daughter's best friend just came over and first thing my little girl did was take her to the sink to show off her birthday message. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: More copper sink fun.

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I too thought the sink was named Annie....

Yay, Happy Birthday Annie! Love the copper sink here at my house, too!

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thanks so much ! your info was helpful! :) I may stop waxing the sink in time - it's still new so i will try to keep that look until i am comfortable with the art the sink will bring!! ;) I ;m sure i;ll get lazy and not want to wax soon enough! ;)

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We used to make a homemade cleaner to clean the copper bottoms of our Revere Ware pans. I'm not as fussy about it anymore. The cleaner was made from equal parts white vinegar, flour and salt. The salt is the scrubber, the vinegar cleans and the flour holds it all together. I bet that cleaner would make really nice clear messages in your beautiful sinks. What a fun family tradition!

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Wow, another year and birthday for Annie!
Your sink would look grand in our kitchen. Glad you popped in. As I recall we started reno on the same day.
Will be watching each year for the birthday message!

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