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Flint2013August 25, 2013

Building new house that has simple, contemporary lines. Really like the Zephyr Tilt based only on pictures. It isn't on display in any showroom in our area.

Anyone have one? Do you like?

We first liked the Zephyr Horizon, but concerned about keeping it clean.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's a giant joke as far as function goes. Which if you don't cook, you probably don't care about. If you cook, you want something with actual capture area and enough fan to move all of those cooking vapors out of your house away from your walls and furniture.

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i'm a little surprised at hollysprings reply especially considering the price... I thought zephyr is one of the better brands for hoods as far as quality and performance. I'm planning to get the zephyr genova under cabinet based on a kitchen designer's recommendation. hmmm.

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We have the Zephyr Monsoon II for our under the cabinet vent for our Thermador Pro 36" Rangetop. Needed that level of venting for the professional rangetop.

It is fantastic - and relatively quiet unless you put it on the highest setting. Has a handy little remote for the lights and fan as well so no reaching up above your cooking food. We bought it on recommendation of our local family-owned appliance store over several other competitors and are really pleased.

So, I'm not sure any issues with other models but Zephyr is well respected in the industry.

Good luck!

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While Zephyr in general may have decent range hoods, the Tilt model's design is not a very good design for true venting. It looks more like a hood designed for modern looks, not functionality - probably for a high-end, modern kitchen in an urban setting where the owners don't cook but want a "cool" looking hood. Whether that's the intent, I don't know, but that's the impression I got when I saw it.

To adequately vent, you need a capture area directly overhead with a "cup' that captures the fumes/smoke/odors/etc. and "holds" them while the fan pulls them out.

I don't see how this design could work in a working kitchen.

That, I suspect, is what HollySprings was getting at.

It's your decision as to whether to get it, but look at it realistically (without the "cool gadget/look" eyes) and decide from there.

Good luck!

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We decided not to get the Tilt. We DO cook and we DO like contemporary design. We became concerned about the capture area and the strong design statement. Just afraid we might get tired of it over time. We've ordered the Cache instead.

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