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keltoriaAugust 27, 2013

Hi, I have a good quality but out of fashion country kitchen cupboards, id say they were teak and were quite popular in the 80s/90s. I don't dislike them and cant afford to replace them so I'm getting new worktop and tiles but I just don't know what goes with it (I am rubbish at this kind of thing). I was thinking black tiles and worktop but wonder if this will look too modern and odd with the cupboards? Or maybe cream worktop and tiles ? I have black range cooker so will this look odd? I am also considering spray painting the cupboards cream and going for wood tops? I just don't know can anyone please help me

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Sophie Wheeler

Post some pictures.

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Is painting them an option?? Your possibilities could be endless. The color could take you ultra modern or just updated. My brother in law just painted all of his cabinets black(he is uber modern). I thought the idea was too much, but love the result!! Plays with his new granite perfectly. I might have to get his input with our kitchen.

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If they actually are teak, then painting them would be akin to a sin. Teak is endangered and very valuable. It would be worth the effort to remove and sell them and replace them rather than altering what's there.

Posting some pictures is the best way to get more feedback.

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soapstone might play off the linear grain of teak/be subtle enough/and soft looking also to give counterpoint to the teak style which is usally a straightforward style without a lot of gussied up type of detailing. I don't see granite so much with teak....but maybe...the other ones are corian or solid surface if you want something other than the dark of soapstone.....altho soapstone has a little patina so it's not like black granite or anything. Explain what "country" refers to..Usually teak is anything but country-is it the hardware or something else like an old wood floor that makes you think country?

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Please do share pictures of your kitchen. There's an option right in the page to upload a picture, or you can link to another image hosting site. I don't know much about teak, but I don't think you have to paint out wood cabinets just to update a kitchen.

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Have you considered using a more colorful countertop? Maybe a green or gold? Pictures would really help, but a countertop and backsplash can really change the look of a kitchen...without painting the cabinets :)

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If it's really teak, it's almost impossible to paint because it's such an oily wood.

But if it's really teak, those were probably well-built cabinets. It was never a "contractor" grade wood, or even an upgrade.

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I see you are new here. Welcome !!

You should set up your account so you will get notified when you get replies to your message. Here is how to do it . . .

Also you should check out the many links and information provided in the "new to kitchen forums" thread . . .

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