Using same tiles on floor and backsplash?

GemcapAugust 5, 2014

Does anyone have experience (personal or what you have seen in other kitchens) of the same tiles being used on as floor tiles and kitchen backsplash ? What did you think?

Our are large format (4' X 2') so it would minimise the grout lines as well as keep colour variances to minimum (there will be 4 instead of 5 colours - floor & backsplash, granite, paint and cabinet colour)

We had a bit of a mix up in the colour of floor tiles chosen Vs what was delivered and laid so there are quite a few decisions needed now...

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Sophie Wheeler

For a really modern aesthetic, it can be an interesting almost industrial note. For any other style, it's mostly just not so great and like you ran out of steam in making decisions.

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My friend did that and you really don't notice they are the same tiles. In her kitchen your eyes are drawn up and away from the floor.

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I would imagine that lighting and how many open sight lines would also play a role.

Things can look very different in different lighting and the horizontal and vertical orientations could change things up a bunch.

In my kitchen you'd get the floor and backsplash together from exactly one position: walking in the door from the 'family' entrance. If I had backsplash on another wall (2+ walls are exterior/masonry walls...painted) then you'd see it from the living/dining room.

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Did you really mean your tile is 2' x 4' or do you mean 12" x 24"? You seldom see large format rectangular tile on kitchen walls, so I would think it'd be obvious that you used the floor tile.

Here it works. This tile has high color variation. It's used on a large wall that runs perpendicular to the floor tile, so you see a different orientation. Both make it appear to be a different tile than the floor. If it were on that sink wall running parallel to the floor, it could be too much sameness. It also wouldn't look as good under cabinets--you lose the drama of the open wall.

Contemporary Kitchen by Burlingame Tile, Stone & Countertops Amazing Tile Works

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may_flowers: That is one gorgous kitchen. I love that pop of colour! My tiles are 2 feet by 4 feet with practically zero colour variation..

hollysprings: I'm mentally prepared for things to go wrong in the process but the thought that we may need to rip up and replace 1600 sq ft of floor tiles gave me a few sleepless hours and a bit of heartache. And that after many trips and debating over the colour with the contractor present. Everyone (GC, Distributor,Manufacture) as expected now shirks responsiblity...So yes, you're partially right in that it's plumbing for the safer option, but also because the other tile we had selected (to go with the beige selected rather than the gray which was laid) was plain and in the beige family. I didn't want a dramatic look but wanted something other than paint.

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That's huge tile! Have you looked at back-painted glass for the same effect? Supposedly that is the "in" backsplash in Europe and the next big thing here.

Without knowing what the tile and other finishes and layout looks like, we can't really say if it will work in your kitchen.

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I wouldn't do it, I think if they were different sizes it would work, but otherwise, it might just give a bargain basement feeling to the project.

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A very recent Houzz ideabook addresses "the future of backsplashes." Large scale tiles, "countertop material,' and glass are definitely "in."

Another possibility, wood look floor tiles

Here is a link that might be useful: Future of backsplashes

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May_flowers, I'm sorry but I really don't care for that example. It's all subjective though and obviously others do care for it!

I might be colored by my own experience though. My house had floor tiles on the counters and smaller versions on them for the BS (and also windowsills and baseboards). Ok, I guess my might be getting the picture that the POs over used it. I couldn't wait to rip it out! I could see using it as a feature maybe having one tile go straight from floor to wall and used selectively. Anyway, I don't think it's my aesthetic.

I did like the wood look tiles for BS though. Good luck OP. I think if you make a deliberate choice and avoid looking like you ran out of steam it could be really interesting!

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Gemcap, it sounds like the floor is already down. Can we get a pic? Or at least a link to a pic of the tile? Is it possible to find a matching tile in a different size/shape? Or the same tile in a different size? Lots of manufacturers have multiple sizes and shapes in the same tile line.

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cawaps: yes the floor is laid, but we are thinking of ripping it out and relaying it. The colour of the tile we had originally selected is very very close to the photo from Houzz below.

This is a rough layout of the kitchen- dimensions have changed quite a bit and all the lowers are now drawers but the backsplash area can be seen clearly. I have also given the original beige tile and the tile which was laid (more gray than beige) though the colours really don't come though. Your thoughts would be valuable.

Am also looking at backpainted glass - sounds very interesting though am a bit concerned reg durability.

Contemporary Kitchen by Monterey Home Media Design & Installation A Shade Above: Home Experience Center & Showroom

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