Drill holes for facet on granite countertop in their facility?

sunnylundAugust 26, 2012

Normally do they drill faucet holes in their facility or @ your house?

I never seriously discussed with my granite guy about faucet. Originally we have 4" spread faurcet in our bathroom but we like to have 8" widespread faucet this time. Also, kitchen countertop, we like to have a soap dispenser. I will send email and call him on Monday morning to make sure but now I am wondering what's normal procedure. Cutting holes in their facility or your house?

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Great question. love to hear the replies. I have granite guy coming Monday to template for our granite. Wondering if he will take faucet with him so the hole fits snug around the faucet.

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Many drill on site, although some will do in their shop or in your driveway.

Mine were done after marble was in place. As you can see, one installer used the drill while the other sprayed water on the area with one hand and held up the shop vac with the other to capture dust. I was very worried about marble dust flying around on my cabs and door/drawer hardware and slides. Needless worry.

I liked that we could work together on the spot to make the perfect placement of faucet, soap dispsener, and air switch. I held the fixtures in place just to get everything right.

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Normally, faucets come with a paper drilling template, which would be all a qualified fabricator would need to do a perfect job at his shop.

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They are doing the faucet holes on site which I am not thrilled about because of the dust. I have asthma and I am anxious as I do not want the dust in my cabs but they said they use a vacuum and I have a window.The reason is I bought the largest sink for my 27 sink base and there has to be so much granite between the edge of the sink, Kohler Riverby requiring a positive reveal, and the faucet holes and with the tall faucet and the back of the wall, the space is limited. I am hoping for the same outcome as Breezy. Good luck to you. For us, the granite is the last item that requires an outside vendor and maybe I will finally have a kitchen to cook in and wash dishes!

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The holes for my bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen faucets were drilled at the fabricators shop. When they came to the house to measure and template we discussed exactly where we wanted the holes to be placed for the faucets, soap dispenser, and the air switch in the kitchen. I did not have those items in my possession at the time. I did tell them what faucets I was using. I had my sink but they did not take it or the paper template with them. They said they would get all the needed specs. on line from the manufacturer.
The fabricator I used was completely high tech and used computerized measuring and cutting systems for the process. All cutting was done at the shop and everything fit perfectly. The sinks where installed in my home by the fabricators and then hooked up by the plumber.

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The little dust we had stayed on the counter. I'm glad they were drilled on site because I had planned to put the soap dispenser on the right, but when they placed it there, I realized it would crowd the faucet handle.

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Mine will be drilled on site.

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"The little dust we had stayed on the counter. "

Harder stone (like real granites) often requires water for drilling.

The diamond tooling grinds the stone in the cutting kerf into dust, and needs water cooling to not ruin the diamond edge.

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