Hansgrohe Steel Optik matches what soap dispensers?

mirucaAugust 11, 2013

Posting this question a different way ... to see if anyone that has the Hansgrohe steel optik faucet has a different (less expensive) brand soap dispenser.

I am trying to shop remotely .. and do not have the option to go match these in a store... so I am hoping someone went down this path before me. The Hansgrohe soap dispensers are over $100 for the steel optik ... and from what I read on GW the price is not related to function on the soap dispensers. I'd rather get two for less cost.

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I have a Hansgrohe Steel Optic air gap and a Delta Trinsic faucet ... can't tell the difference in the finishes. I did have a Hansgrohe soap dispenser and I can vouch for the fact that it is way over-priced. The soap bottle was also very small.

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Thanks jellytoast - the picture of the range hood of course would matter - what was I thinking? Here it is:

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UH OH .. had two threads open at once and posted to the wrong one ... don't know if I can delete. Too many things going on at once. Nonetheless ... I'll be happy if the soap dispenser matches the hood too :)

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I have a Hans steel optic faucet (on a Blanco ss sink), a Blanco ss faucet (on an Elkay ss sink), and 2 KWC Primo ss soap dispensers. All those finishes blend and are indistinguishable once installed. (They are expensive dispensers so not what you're asking for but the relevant issue is the finishes all look the same when installed)

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I bought this one from Amazon and it matches and works just fine. Only had it for 5 weeks, but no problems so far! Just in case I didn't link it correctly, it's this one:

LDR 551 P1200SS Deluxe Soap/Lotion Dispenser for Kitchen or Lavatory Sink, Stainless Steel

Here is a link that might be useful: Soap dispenser

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Based on this thread and some others, I purchased this LDR dispenser in SS to go with my Hansgrohe Talis C faucets in steel optik. I don't know if they changed the finish on either but the two are not even close to matching. My Hansgrohe has more of a warm/yellow tone, while the LDR is a more cool/gray tone. I find it quite noticeable and I know it will bother me.

Any other suggestions for dispensers from other manufacturers that will go well with HG's steel optik finish? Maybe one of Moen's various SS finishes? My granite templating is scheduled really soon so I'm panicking that the pieces I ordered don't match! TIA.

And, just a rant, why doesn't HG produce different dispensers styled to match their different facuets? The one dispenser that they currently carry (the others are being phased out) doesn't really go well with the Talis C at all. And that short spout!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hansgrohe's only soap dispenser

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I called Moen customer service, having read about another GWer who had a good experience. The rep was able to walk me through the options and I'm very happy with the soap dispensers and how they match the finish of the ss faucets. The satin nickel water dispenser faucet that came with my filter is not a good match, but I'm living with it for now.

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kksmama, so you have Moen soap dispensers and HG faucets? Which water dispenser faucet did you get? I just went with the Zuvo that goes with the HG beverage faucet.

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