Quick vent - Counter trouble

animacafeAugust 9, 2013

Pardon my brief vent- but I was so excited about my new Jet Mist granite counters being installed this morning! Unfortunately I had to leave for a long day of work not long after they arrived - but the pieces looked great on the truck! I left my DH in charge. The install looks terrific - but now the counters are black! I was expecting grey. I think they must have used a color enhancer on them after they were in. DH likes them but I they are much blacker now than I wanted. Does anyone know if it can be removed? Maybe I will like them better in the daylight - but as it is 3am here, I am obviously losing sleep over it. I'm sure I will get used to the idea- but if I really wanted black I would have opted for a black granite. sigh.

Attaching a picture I took of the slab at the granite distributor. I'll post one of the counter now once it gets light out.

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Here is the counter now...

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That looks so so different! No clue on what can be done.

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Holly- Kay

Definitely looks much darker but still absolutely stunning. With all the trouble that we see with horrible installs and fabrication this, imo, is a better problem to have but I totally understand that you want it to be grey the way it was on the truck.

Call the fabricator and see what can be done to bring it back to the lovely grey that it was, but holy cow anima you sure have one absolutely glorious piece of stone there!!!! I LOVE it!

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I like it dark, too. That's actually the color I expect jet mist to be. And that's an especially pretty slab of it. But I understand how disappointed you must be if it isn't what you expected or wanted. I'm surprised the fabricator didn't mention that the color would change.

I hope something can be done, but if not, for what it's worth I think it's beautiful.

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Fori is not pleased

I'd be disappointed too. It is gorgeous enhanced, but that slinky gray is a different kind of lovely.

Good luck! I hope it won't involve acetone... :P

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"Jet" is a shade of black ... Why would you think it was going to be a light grey?

Checking Google images, the Jet Mist installs are all a dark charcoal to near-black.

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Is the first photo the actual slab that was installed? As lazygardens said any jet mist I have ever seen looks like what you have installed. Are you sure the slab you originally saw wasn't dirty and of a different finish?

I think it looks beautiful installed.

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Fori is not pleased

Why did she think it was going to be light gray? BECAUSE SHE PICKED OUT A SLAB THAT WAS LIGHT GRAY!!! Surely nobody who has ever shopped for stone slabs would think differently.

Yeah it's usually installed enhanced/sealed and black, hence the name. But just like soapstone doesn't have to be oiled, granite doesn't have to be treated. Unfortunately, it's probably the standard practice for any good installer and they didn't know they were to treat this one differently.

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Why would you expect anything other than the light gray you selected? I would be having a heart attack and livid that an enhancer was used without advising how the color would change from light gray to black. Geesh!! That is ridiculous.

Did you see any dark "jet mist" installs in your research? I don't think the name implies black but am surprised a red flag didn't go up from seeing the same stone name come up so differently than the one you picked. Not sure you can anticipate the change anyway, as you were looking at it! Of course they should have told you it would not actually look like that when installed or ask "do you want it enhanced or not?"

It is a handsome counter though. Very hard "adjustment" to make, though, to say the least.

It's really hard to fathom all these stone problems that come up around here. I think they need to fix it.

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Did you look at the installed stone under a brighter light? Just wondering if the lighting in a the stone yard made it seem greyer? Or when your under counter lights are on if it will look different?

If they didn't tell you about how a sealer can change the color, that is - BAD. Thank you for pointing out this potential issue to the forum.

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Holly- Kay

If I had picked the lovely pre enhanced Jet Mist I would not have known that it would look different. Anima picked light grey and expected light grey after install as I would have. I hope they can un-enhance it for you but dang that is a gorgeous stone.

Good luck Anima I will be checking back to see how it goes for you.

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I'm sorry this happened! Of course you were expecting the light grey you purchased!!! I would be really upset too. I hope you can find resolution!

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I have jet mist that is not enhanced and I feel your pain. I also can't believe the fabricator didn't ask you if that was what you wanted. Maybe they asked your dh? I'm not sure if anything can be done but you should be aware that honed jet mist that is not enhanced will show oil marks. Some people here have opted to have it enhanced later after having issues with oil marks. And for what its worth I think your counters are drop dead gorgeous.

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I'd be upset too. I mean - wow - it looks really stunning in your installed photo. It's not that it doesn't look good but that's not really the point here. I'd definitely call the fabricator - you can show them the photo of what you chose/were expecting. Maybe they can restore it to grey - I know they can hone on site so I would imagine it's a similar process?

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Thanks for the support everyone! I am feeling a bit better about it now. They are still beautiful even though not quite what I was expecting. I think I will grow to like it this way too. I was just so shocked and overtired on Thursday night. I had seen the counters arrive in the truck before I left - and they were the grey I had originally chosen. At lest they will still go with the carrera marble tile backsplash I selected. That gets installed next Thursday and will probably help bring everything together for me. Now I'm moving on to the fact that I just polished my new sub-zero to get the packing residue off - and found a long horizontal SCRATCH across BOTH doors!!! I'll be lucky if I survive this kitchen remodel without losing my mind.

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Holly- Kay

Geesh anima, so sorry about the scratch. It is so frustrating when we spend good money for an item and then find issues with it. Hang in there and at some point the issues will be replaced by fun times in your new, beautiful kitchen!

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