2 in backsplash - must it be short lengths?

mirucaAugust 29, 2013

Following a GW lead - we went with a 2 inch back splash that is being fabricated now. They called today and said the granite is fragile and breaking. So for a 173" run it will need to be in 4 or 5 pieces versus a long run.

Has anyone else had backsplash installed in short lengths? I am somehwhat worried that there will so many seams and it will eventually look less than nice. I don't want to be pressured into a 4" backsplash as I do not like it at all and will be irritated looking at it every... even thinking of it irritates me.

This whole granite situation has been a cluster - it is the one part I wish we could do over ... both in choosing the granite and who we are working with. It is a very expensive situation to not be comfortable with the vendor .. and to be thousands of miles away.

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Are you married to the idea of a 2" backsplash? Can you abort the mission? If you are not 100% anyway with your granite, and you are facing seams in the b/s, maybe you have enough of that granite for now. Go without a b/s for a bit and then choose another material. Sounds like you are not actually on site? Will you be eventually? I'd wait. Lots of people go without a b/s for a long time over tough decisions.

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Skip the 2" backsplash and then do a tile BS resting on the countertop. I think the installers will put a bead of clear caulk where the counter meets the wall so water, etc.. wont drip behind the counters and into your cabinets. Then take your time picking out the right tile for your BS.

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This can be done with some stones like soapstone. but some granite is too brittle. I would probably skip it if it is going to be pieced unless they can epoxy it and make the seams invisible.

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What kind of granite is it. I ended up removing the 4 inch and was going to cut mine as short as I could. They would only have been comfortable with two inches. Mine is blue pearl and I guess it is pretty hearty. They said no until they found out what type of granite it was. How short are the pieces?

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By the way, my 4 inch was pieced in more places than I had noticed. They said it was due to the wall. I think they tried to use as much material as efficiently as they could--to their benefit.

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