Is GE the only one offering slate appliances

lynn_r_ctAugust 26, 2013

Saw them on their website and they are under consideration for my kitchen. I like the warmer tone and they say, it is not prone to fingerprints. That would be a big plus. I was forced to buy a DW when mine died and I bought stainless and when it is shiny, shiny it is pretty, but it is not always pretty, pretty.

Would love to know if there are other companies jumping on the bandwagon. So far my search is not going well.

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Sophie Wheeler

Yes, and they completely crapped out the first time they offered them as a "Home Depot Exclusive" for the HD Adora line. In fact, I know someone who was left hanging because they were buying their appliances a piece at a time, and the color was discontinued. Now that the Slate has come out, they were excited to be able to finally get the DW that matches the rest of their stuff. Well, it doesn't match. It's slightly different than the HD grey color that was offered. That will happen here too. I wouldn't put any stock in them having any longevity or popularity at all.

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Kenmore tried a similar color a few years ago, IIRC it was "graphite". I loved it but wasn't ready to replace anything then. If you decide to try something new like that I think you should be prepared to have mixed finishes in your kitchen at some point. I don't see anything wrong with that, but I'm not a designer.

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I know what you mean, lynn. They are very pretty. And if you are one of those people, like me, we is not 100% sold on the stainless look, the slate is tempting. But, I agree with holly, I think they may only survive for a short time and then you are stuck with a discontinued color.

I'm considering white. I think it will always be available! ;)

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I haven't seen them in person, but looking at images online I think they're very nice looking. I can see why you're drawn to them.

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Part of the problem is that people want matching appliances and very few people buy all new appliances unless they are building or remodeling. So, people want to buy something that goes with what they already have, or have some expectation of at least ending up with matching appliances at some point.

So the typical appliance buyer is going to be in the cycle of white, black or stainless.

The other thing that I think is part of the equation is that the "experimental" colors are always at a lower price point with a lower number of features. The new GE Artisan line is a low priced line to appeal to an under-35 demographic. (and it's still white or black). Whirlpool had dark red and navy fridges in their offerings a few years back and they were small and no frills.

I myself might be interested in something other than the SS W or B offerings, but I also want features that aren't usally offered with the unusual colors, when they are rarely offered. (Viking and Bertazzoni et al excepted).

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We bought something similar for our new W/D about 18 mos ago. These are LG and were on clearance at Lowes or HD I think because of the color...we got a good deal on the pair and the color worked in our laundry room. I have SS appliances in the adjacent kitchen. Whoa...sorry for the huge pic!

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My biggest fear is that the company will ditch the color as has been mentioned. I am hoping that the popularity of the slate, assuming it is so, will lend itself to other manufacturers diving into the pond. I remember a few years back when one co., don't remember who, introduced a soft copper (not the 60's color) looking suite of appliances and it was gone within a year. Woe is me. I don't want black or white for the look I hope to achieve, but damn I really don't like stainless. Please don't stone me!

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I Looove that color and was really hoping it would become popular before I needed to buy my appliances. (It did not) but I am still hoping that maybe it will in the future. Eventually the stainless will have to go out of style I just don't know when and what will replace it.

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Lynn - I understand what you mean about the stainless color. I am just not a lover. Not that I hate it, but would prefer something else. I also have been looking at the GE Slate colors. However, like mentioned, I only need the DW at this time. I hope to replace the Range and Fridge in a few years, but will they still be around then? Also, haven't always heard the best reviews on GE DWs. I currently have white, but putting in darker cabinets, so not sure I want the contrast. What to do remains to be seen.

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Slate has been around for about five or six years now. It is a shame that the appliances mentioned above did not match. I like it and am going to buy a ST, and MW in the slate, but I do not like the fridge in the Slate. I think a couple of other brands bridges are designed a bit better. So I will probably pass on the Slate at this time, and opt for a black color.

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I went to lowes to see the see slate in person, my hubby wants them. The sales person said they are very popular right now and do not cause fingerprints. However, he said he would caution me that the color may not last like black, white, and ss. So we are choosing to go with ss, but if that doesn't worry you the color is pretty.

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Slate is a flash in the pan. While not quite avacado green, in many ways, it's worse. Only GE produces it, and who knows how long they will support it given their takeover by Frigidaire/Electrolux?

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