If not Lazyboy, that what brand recliner?

mary_lu_gwNovember 2, 2009

I know, I know the "dreaded" recliner. DH was injured several years ago and often is unable to sleep in bed. It looks like the recovery is as good as it is going to get. We are thinking of buying a recliner so that he is at least able to get some sleep on those nights. A partial sitting position makes this possible. His problems are in the shoulders. I've read some comments here that Lazyboy is no longer a good brand to buy. Why? Years ago they were supposed to be the best. If not Lazyboy, then what is a good brand?

We have also looked at/considered the Tempurpedic mattress/bed with adjustable headboard and footboard, but just too $$$.

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Lane. We're on our second Lane recliner. Best ever if you need to sleep sitting up. lol. Plus, they're more comfortable it seems, and easy to get in and out of compared to other recliners.

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We just bought a new Lane and really like it. They have a lifetime warranty.

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Hancock and Moore and Leathercraft have some beautiful recliners that don't look like recliners but are somewhat pricey.

Here is a link that might be useful: leathercraft recliners

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We have both Lazyboy and Lane...both are grand and my hubby is able to sleep in both.
Good luck to your husband.

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We still prefer Lazyboy. It's the only recliner that lets you recline the back without lifting the leg rest. I can have my feet on the floor and still have the back reclined a bit.

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My husband has a very physical job, so he has always had a recliner. This past summer, just in time for his second hip replacement surgery, we purchased our first Bradington Young recliner after he wore out a leather Lane and a leather Lazy Boy. He loves the chair and I love that I finally have a chair that looks so good in the living room! Yes, it was pricey (but less expensive than Hancock and Moore), but I think the quality is superior to the other two brands.

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loribee and frazoo, thanks for taking the time to reply. Have either of you had problems with your Lazyboy? Not sure what the issues are supposed to be with them? Just have heard that they are not as good as they use to be?

sjharris53....oh I love your chair! Were you able to purchase it locally? Do you remember the name of the style? I have not heard of Bradington Young before, but that doesn't mean much. We have no "new" furniture in our old house. Just old furniture :-) That is one thing that concerns me, that most recliners look so bulky and modern. Yours looks really great! Thanks for posting the pic.

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Bradington Young would be my second choice after Hancock & Moore. It's definitely decent furniture.

Lazyboy just didn't hold up well for my DH.

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I have a Bradington Young recliner that I got in 1987. It still works perfectly though it needs recovering. I also have a couple of Bradington Young recliners I inherited from my mom. They are from 2005 and still look new.

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We haven't had any problems with our Lazyboys. And, again, we just really like being able to recline the back without raising the foot rest. Lazyboy has more positions on their chairs than the others do.

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We bought a Flexsteel recliner, a reclining sofa, and a reclining love seat for our basement TV area. They are wonderful and extremely comfortable. Ours are leather and are wearing very well after 2 years now.
Ours are like this in a darker leather:

Although unintentional, we sleep in ours all the time!!

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Mary Lu...not one problem with our Lazyboy.
It's been just fine~

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I just purchased a Lane. We've "never" owned a reclining sofa before. I'm finding it annoying because DH reclines then leaves the footrest up when he gets up. It also prevents us from using a coffee table. Here's a manufacturers rating chart...I found it helpful..

Here is a link that might be useful: Rating manufacturers of leather furniture

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It sounds as if function is your primary objective. Your husband needs to sleep. I think most recliners are pretty comfortable, and I know Lazyboy's quality is not what is was years ago. We have 2 different leather recliners and they're both very comfortable, but I wouldn't want to sleep in them. We also own one of Lazyboy's bigger steroidal recliners for the basement. My DIL borrowed it during both of her pregnancies because she couldn't sleep lying down. When she returned it, she said she loved sleeping in it. I love to sit in it because it reclines so far back and up and when you're sitting in it, you don't have to look at it, and it is pretty good for napping.:)

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I think you should go with whatever brand fits your husband. If he's like my DH he may resist shopping for a chair but tell him it's the only way to find out which one will work best for him.

My DH also has nights where he can only sleep in his recliner so I understand what you're going thru. He loves his older model Lazyboy leather recliner, which reclines nearly flat, and probably will never replace it. Lazyboy claims they don't make the model anymore for safety reasons......they say the chairs would tip too easily. Funny, we've never had that problem the 20 yrs. we've owned it!

I wouldn't hesitate to buy Lazyboy again, even tho I've heard the chairs aren't made as well. Their customer service has been great with 2 chairs my DIL purchased. Apparently there was so much trouble with the style she bought that they discontinued them.

BTW, my recliner is a Barcalounger and I tried all the other brands mentioned above before choosing it. I have a lower back problem and this chair is the only one that fit me best and relieved my back.
I still like the mechanical features of the Lazyboy best! :)

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I own both Hancock and Moore and Bradington-Young recliners. They are nice, but I wouldn't want to spend the night in them. I highly recommend Flexsteel.

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Mine is a Lazyboy...20 years old and on it's second fabric cover. I sleep in it total, 3 months of the year. I have never had a problem and hope it lasts for the rest of my life!! I will gladly buy it a new dress every 10 years or so :^)

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Thanks everyone. You have given me lots of things to mull over. I guess the biggest thing for me to remember is that the prime concern is comfort for DH, as he will be the one sleeping there fairly often. I guess I will just have to convince him to go shopping with me so that he can try out the chairs. We will definitely check out the different brands mentioned in your replies. (I have already been searching for retailers in our area) I so wanted a recliner that looks good, but guess that is not as important as comfort and durability. Thanks again.

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We have two Lazyboy recliners. One was my Dad's that my sister and I bought him for Christmas in 95. He used it until he passed away seven years ago. We've had it ever since and my hubby sits in it daily. After I was hospitalized and took over hubby's recliner I started looking on Craigslist for a good recliner. I found a very similar, but a little more feminine looking Lazyboy that had belonged to the young man I purchased it from Grandmother. He and his wife never really used it. We use them constantly and have no complaints. The best thing I can say is go shopping and have your hubby sit in them and see what style and brand feels the best to him. I hope you find something that helps him sleep at night. You can always check with your hubby's doctor to see if there's a possibility of having an adjustable bed prescribed for him so your insurance would pay for all or part of it.

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I think lane is best.Lane is a branded company of furniture world.They provide best quality and service.

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One other brand I've tried recently is Thomasville; they have a nice smooth recliner that can adjust well at any angle. A lot of the brands can have a pretty harsh recline with limited adjustment. Plus, they don't look like recliners. I also liked the power recline feature available as an upgrade (I think) on Bradington Young. I've always liked the massage recliners, but just can't bear to have one in the family room.

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We've had several Lazyboys and the quality has been good. The only problem we had with one of them was the fabric we chose was kind of an open weave and it tended to catch and pull. Now we have leather ones and I think they will last a long time.

Whenever I get a cold or allergy attack, I find it very easy to sleep sitting up or semi-reclined in the Lazyboy.

DH is tall and has a tall man's Lazyboy. It matches mine exactly (maroon leather), but is bigger. Most Lazyboy styles come in a tall man's version. One advantage if your hubby is tall.

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Another vote for flexsteel:)

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