Measure twice ... including contents!

marcojohnsonAugust 11, 2014

Just wanted to pass along a "lessons learned"...

Somehow between all of the planning, layout, measurements, material selection ... my KD, cabinet dealer, and my own damn self all missed one tiny detail on our upper cabinets.

Our dinner plates are 11.25" in diameter.

The new upper cabinets are 11" deep (small kitchen).

Somehow when the decision was made to shrink the uppers from 12" to 11", nobody ever took into consideration the tiny little detail about plate sizes.


Luckily, we have some space behind the cabinet and are going to notch out a "window" which will accommodate the plates stacked horizontally.

Wanted to share that for anyone else who is dealing with limited space !

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Eek! Well, you get to go shopping... :-)

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I am so grateful there are customers like you. Not pointing a finger, not contacting a lawyer, just rolling with the punches on a remodel.

Oh, the time contractors spend sifting through potentials to find gems like you...

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This issue has come up before on the Kitchens Forum, particularly for inset cabinets which lose more depth than frameless due to inset's cabinet frame. Some people opt to install deeper-than-standard cabinets, both uppers and lowers. So if a standard lower cabinet is 24" deep, people either get 27" deep lowers, or 24" lowers that they pull away from the wall by 3", and then have a 27" counter covering them. Then they get the 15" deep uppers, and no problem storing dishes.

That solution will not help the OP, who it sounds like was looking to make his/her cabinets shallower than standard, but perhaps it will help someone reading this thread who has not yet purchased cabinets. I have frameless cabinets at the standard depth, and frameless provide slightly more depth than inset. My dinner dishes are a little smaller at 10.5" diameter (the better to make the food on the smaller dish look more abundant, for us dieters!).

Another solution is to store dishes in cabinet drawers; there was a long thread on this topic recently if you want to do a search.

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Always good information to share with people planning a kitchen! Invaluable to have a designer who knows to ask these questions, even though sometimes mistakes are made. Gw is the next best thing if people are willing to take the time to read threads like this and learn from others' experiences.

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Thanks OP! A great heads up for new kitchen planners.

Also, check dishwasher clearances. Had a friend whose new dw didn't fit her new dinner plates.

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Yep, did the same thing! Luckily, my corner cabinet will fit them. :\

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What a weird thing for a KD to overlook! LOL! What did he/she say about it?

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This is a great head's up for planning -- keep a notebook with ALL the important points in one place -- every time you talk to the KD, and every time you see your plans tweaked, and before you sign off on the plans, go over the checklist again and again to be sure everything is covered. Uppers deep enough for my dishes (check), heavy duty glides on dish drawers (check), condiment pull-out opening to the right (check), etc, etc, etc.

Sure, you're bound to miss something, but this will help lessen the likelihood!

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Treb- my cabinet dealer is also the GC ... I really pressed him hard on price, but I also promised him that I would be one of his more reasonable customers- been in this movie a few times and understand how to flow with the punches :)

I think it's all good, everyone needs to work together towards the same goal.
We're cutting a window out the back between two shelves - it will actually look pretty good when its done and be almost invisible. And we won't be breaking plates stacking them vertically!

RE: putting them in a drawer - that was option #3. Given the limited space in drawers, I wasn't in love with that and when we tried to see what that would look like, we could only fit two stacks in a 21x22x10 drawer - too much wasted space to house 8 plates and 8 giant soup bowls.

Mayflower- I think we all just thought nothing about shrinking the cabs from 12 to 11 - I'm the one who signed off, so I take part of the responsibility. I didn't think (or remember) to measure contents. Doh!

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