Wolf gas cooktop won't simmer

kat123August 9, 2008

We have a year old Wolf gas cooktop and I do not like it at all. The reason: can't get the darn designated "true simmer" burner to a TRUE simmer. This was the final selling point for us. We use quality pans and still things get much too hot on simmer. We wish we'd gone with electric. Gas just isn't as great as we've been told, IMHO. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

Our sales lady even came out with the rep and they said that the cooktop is fine. I'll tell you one thing, I could NEVER leave a pot of spaghetti on simmer and leave the house. A fire would result, I'm afraid.

By the way, Wolf doe not make a difuser. They seem to think the simmer burner does not need one. HA-HA!

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Just curious - do you have the sealed burners or the open burners with the inner simmer ring? I've been on these forums for quite a while and I've never seen any complaints about the simmer on Wolf cooktops. I have a DCS range which has dual stack burners similar to the Wolf sealed burners and the simmer is incredible - I've accidently left things on for hours without any problems. You say you had your KD and a Wolf rep out - did you actually have a service call with a technician to check it out?

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I've got a rangetop, which may be a bit higher powered burner, and I have no problem simmering on it. I rarely use the smaller ring simmer (do you have the two stage burners on the cooktop?). I'm surprised you are having a problem, because I find the control of the flame and power to be great on mine. Might be worth having a tech check it out. Also, test it with a thermometer adn see what temp a pan of water "simmers" at when turned all the way down. Food should be no higher than that.

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Are you using propane? If so, you might need to convert the stove so that it can use the propane correctly. We had a Wolf and had to have it converted.

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I've got the Wolf dual range and simmer is the very best thing about it. I can leave a pot on a simmer and walk away for 20 minutes at a time. And I say that with certainty 'cause I've done it repeatedly.

I think you need to get it serviced. It's too bad you didn't get in touch with them right away when it would certainly have been a warrantee item.

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Don't know what to tell you. I have a three year old 36" Wolf gas cooktop - not a rangetop - simmers beautifully.

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Thanks to all of you for your advice. I have a call in to the store manager. Our saleslady is no longer with the company! I will let you know the outcome.

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I just had the Wolf 36" 6 burner rangetop installed Friday. I made my first pot of "gravy" or tomato sauce if that's what you call it. Anyway after bringing to a boil, it simmered beautifully for 4 hours! Delicious, and the range is wonderful!

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Thank you for your help. (We do not use propane.) I'm convinced there's something wrong with our cooktop although we were told it is simmering correctly while on the correct burner designed for a true low simmer. Frankly, I think someone just does not want to correct the problem. I'll let you know what the store manager says. It ought to be interesting!

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kat - is it burning things instead of simmering them?

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It certainly sounds to me like you've got a problem, and they need to fix it. I've got the Wolf 36" sealed rangetop and have no problems simmering. In fact, I was told at the Wolf cooking showroom, that their chef accidentally left chocolate on the lowest simmer setting overnight. When he discovered his mistake the next morning, no fire, no ruined pan and the chocolate didn't even seize up. Maybe that's a tall tale, but that's the story that they told me.

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What model do you have and what do you mean by the correct burner? All of mine have simmer capability.

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On my 36" rangetop (SRT366), at least I think that's the model number from memory. Anyhow it's the sealed 6 burner rangetop model. Like you, all of my burners will simmer too, but on mine, the back left has a smaller eye and is a designated simmer burner with the lowest simmer setting.

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