Pictures of undercabinet lighting

snowyshastaAugust 15, 2008

Does anyone have pictures of their undercabinet lighting? Or recommendations for us. I'm not really sure what's out there for options - lots of choices I know!

Our kitchen designer is recommending the Kichler Xenon ones linked below, anyone have these and have opinions on them?

Here is a link that might be useful: Recommended Kichler Xenon lights

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We have pucks...

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I have T5 Thin profile fluorescents from Pegasus lighting. Wish I'd done the corner too.

At a distance and stooping so the fixtures are visible:

Close up:

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We are using SeaGull Ambiance linear track lighting and love it! It takes a little more time to install and requires its own transformer but I love the lighting coverage. With dimmer switches we can go from bright task lighting to subtle mood lighting anytime we want. I use my undercabinet lights all the time, even before the recessed can lights.

View of lighting track and lights with transformer under the cabinet:

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I have Kichler's linear lighting and I love them! No pics but you can't see them as they are located at the front of the undercabs. The transformer is in the inside back corner of an upper cab.

Linear lighting gives an even light. I have a dimmer on them as I have a dimmer on all my lights.

Under my cabs, while the linear lights are in the front, angled plugmold in the back.

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We also have the Seagull which I believe is interchangeable with the Kichler Linear Lighting. I highly recommend this route for you. I don't think you will be disappointed... the light is warm and even - the units are unobtrusive - they do not put off much heat - all around just great.

here are some pics:

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Is this the Seagull lighting you're referring to? It does look nice in your pictures; I think I might like the track idea better than the rectangular fixture. Does the fact that it's low voltage mean you need the transformer?

I've never really noticed undercabinet lighting before - funny how you don't think about all the little things that make up the kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: Seagull lighting?

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We have fluorescents. I was originally opposed to them but when we were testing samples of xenon, lcd and the fuorescents, surprizingly, we liked the fluorescents best.

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Yes Snowyshasta that link is the one for our Seagull lighting. You will need a low voltage transformer, either an electronic one or a magnetic one depending on how many lights you want to put on one line. Electronic transformers are smaller and easier to hide but have a 150W limit. I used 10W bulbs so that was 15 bulbs max per electronic transformer. You can put more wattage on a magnetic transformer but they can get fairly large.

If you want the undercabinet lights to be on dimmer switches you will need to get the dimmer to match the type of transformer you use, ie. low voltage electronic dimmer for an electronic transformer. The technical support staff at Seagull is pretty helpful if you have questions. You can also probably find a local lighting supply store who sells the parts and can also give you install advice.

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Thanks, all. We are meeting tomorrow morning with the electrician for a walkthrough so I wanted to have some ideas before then. I appreciate all the pictures and advice!

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FYI, if you have black/dark granite, you can get the kichler linnear/track lighting (and I think the Seagull) w/black wiring/tracks/lampholders so they don't reflect as much off the granite.

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lmalm53 & mamadadapaige:

Can you give some more details about your install? What spacing did you use with the 10W bulbs (looks dramatically different between the two installs.

Was planning on one monster magnetic transformer, but the smaller ones may make installation easier. Can you tie multiple (4 or 5) smaller transformers together to be controlled by a single dimmer? Can they be placed on top of the cabinets and hidden by the crown? Is a light rail necessary? What gauge wire did you use in wall? ....etc., etc.

Any install details would be appreciated.

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alku05, can you please let me know if your under cabinet light setup is up to code?

our electrician said if we do plug mold (a must for us) then we can't do anything but low voltage lighting because we can't have exposed romex like you do. we're in massachusetts so I don't know if it's different code here.

Thanks so much!

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We're in CA and our electricity is to code. If you look carefully, you'll see that the wire is not romex, but a regular cord. The plugmold was a first for our town so we were "on their radar" with the electrical. It was the first thing they looked at when they came in for the final inspection.

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