What do you think of this table/chair combo?

czarinalexNovember 14, 2012

My old DR table/chairs didn't go in my current house so I sold them and have been hunting CL for replacements. We opened our kitchen to the DR, replaced the kitchen table with an island and now eat all our meals in the DR. Looking for something casual for everyday meals but still nice looking. Kind of business casual. :-)

I bought this set of chairs from CL this past weekend. I love them! I am planning to paint them black & recover with this IKAT fabric.

I just saw the table today on CL. It will match our kitchen cabinets(cherry but that same color). Does it look too formal? I really want a round pedestal and mostly what I see are very country looking or turn of the century oak(which won't match anything else).

What do you think?

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Looks perfect to me...make sure the arms on the chairs clear the table ok, but I think you've got a winner. Does the table expand at all?? Really love the look, and those chairs are amazing & I think the fabric is perfect for them.

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I love the look of that table and think your "new" chairs will be a good look with it. In addition to checking to make sure the arms clear the table, also check to be sure your knees and feet have a comfortable place to be under there.

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I love the table, round tables are my favorite shape. It looks a wee bit formal to me, but I think the chairs will look more formal in black, so I think they will work together.

It will still be business casual ... But like a biz challenge outfit for a VP instead of an individual contributor, KWIM?

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Love it! I hope the chairs "fit" the table-great looking combo

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what do I think? I think why do the listings on Craigslist around me never have anything so fab?

I love those chairs. And the fabric. I think it will work nicely together with the table.

...now I have to go look at CL....

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I think it's a terrific combo....and a table and chairs is only as formal as your setting. That table will look great with tall brass candles, criss cross runners and fine china....and equally great with pottery...

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Sorry, don't really have an opinion on the combo, but just wanted to say that i love those chairs. I have been trolling our craiglist for about a year looking for something similar. Great find!

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Round tables often have a pretty wide apron, so do measure carefully to make sure the chair arms will slide under the apron with at least an inch to spare - people tend to lift chairs a bit when they move them in and out,

But if that works, I think it will look fine.

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Thanks for the feedback all! I'm worried about the apron on the table and the arms on the chairs. The table is about an hour drive each way for me. I'll try to get the height from the floor to the apron on the phone from the sellers.

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You DID buy the chairs, didn't you?? Almost any table goes with those chippendale chairs. Beautiful!!


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Thanks all for your help.
So the table didn't work.. the apron would have interfered with the arms of the chairs.
There is another table at a resale shop nearby which might work.

To Nancy - Yes, I have the chairs. I had seen them online on Sat. afternoon and couldn't go in person(1.5 hours away) till Sun. morning. I could barely sleep on Sat night worrying that they wouldn't be there on Sun. morning!

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You know, you might want to consider a Saarinen tulip table (a version of the design, as the real ones are very spendy) to go with those marvelous chairs.

The simple base and a pretty wooden top would look great with them, and you wouldn't have to contend with an apron or the feet on a more conventional pedestal.

Here's a link to a bunch of photos of them...

Here is a link that might be useful: Saarinen tables

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bronwynsmom - I've seen the tulip tables. A very clean look but I'm afraid a bit too modern for my other more traditional furnishings.
This the table I'll be looking at tomorrow. It's a bit more country looking - not a pedestal, but the legs are set back from the edge. I'd have to paint the base.. I'm thinking maybe something untraditional like the lime color in the chair fabric.

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Yes, that one looks much more in sync with your chairs than the first one.

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I would consider a glass top table, or even a stone/marble table, might be interesting with those chairs painted black and the Ikat fabric.

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My first thought was the same as Browny's...tulip table or a variation.

And as someone who is not very tall, make sure the table isn't too high for your arms to easily rest on the table without having to scrunch your shoulders. Sigh...a problem with my current table.

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