Baker cabinets or other low budget cabinet

maysfAugust 7, 2013

I don't want to spend a lot of money on cabinets. As long as it functional and decent, I am ok. I have been thinking of ikea cabinets, but didn't like the white shake doors (looks like plastic). I heard about baker cabinets. Anyone use them? I would love to hear what you think. how did you design your cabinets, with what software. we have 9' ceiling, i would love to have cabinets to the ceiling. It would be great if you are in San Francisco Bay Area. Can you recommend Any other cabinets that is economical ?

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I recently ordered cabinets from I LOVE them. They worked with me on design (no charge) and the cabinets were everything they claimed. Highly recommend.

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Could you please post a photo? Which line did you order?

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IKEA also has a new door in birch that is more traditional shaker style (narrower stiles than adel) and maybe could be painted? I think it's called orsa.

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Ikea has lots of door styles and colors, not just white and not just Shaker.

There are lots of threads on this forum about Barker (not Baker) cabs. If you can't find them, google gardenweb barker cabinets and you'll get plenty of hits I think.

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I used Barker cabinets (painted on site) and it was a great experience. Chad Barker is a great guy and steps up to answer questions, solve problems, and makes you feel like you are his only customer. The quality of the cabinets is excellent and the assembly is so easy. We are really happy with ours.

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