Anyone see a pantry like this one?

vicnsbAugust 8, 2008

I really like the way this corner pantry uses the space...

not the use of clear glass though. See any problems with this?


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My pantry's not nearly as pretty (or well organized!) as that, but functionally I have something very similar. Ours is a "corner" pantry that is 5' wide and 27' deep, with 12'' shelves along the long wall and 14'' shelves along one short wall. It's sort of a "step in" as opposed to a walk-in. I love it. In fact, it's one of the few things I love about our current kitchen (which is an original 1964 kitchen that received a minor paint-hardware-appliances face lift back in the 1980s). It's very easy to organize and find things. My one gripe is that the shelves are too close together so that tall items like cereal boxes don't fit -- but this was made back in `1964, when cereal boxes were smaller, I guess.

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Great pantry, vicsnb! I love how it uses a corner so effectively, too. And, I'm sure that I will be in the minority but I really like the glass doors as well.

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Do those shelves go straight across and 24" deep, or are they on both sides like sharschols? I have a 24" deep pantry w/ fixed shelves, and must tell you that I really strongly dislike it -- stuff disappears forever. I can't see anything in the back; on one shelf, I have risers so that I can see the stuff in the back, but they don't help much. I still have to reach past all the stuff in the front, and just end up knocking things over, etc.

Instead of keeping food in the back (because it *never* got eaten), last year I decided to keep infrequently-used serving dishes in the back,... and now they're never-used. Might as well keep nothing back there...or maybe our family valuables, since they'd be so well hidden. ;-)

It is a beautiful pantry and a lovely, airy kitchen (I love those pendants!), but I'd only vote yes for that pantry if it was somewhere around 14-15" inches deep.

But -- looking closely at the picture, it doesn't seem to be filled with food. Most of the stuff in it looks white. Looks to me more like a china cabinet.

Wonder what that coppery-looking countertop is, next to that pantry? That's pretty.

Sharschlos -- I think I'd like your pantry much better!

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A pantry with a similar design was in the scullery kitchen plan (before I decided to nix the scullery). The lure is its beauty and unique design. It had glass doors on both sides with access from the scullery and the prep area. A primary reason I changed the plan is the inaccessible counter-depth space at the back. I could not figure out what to put back there that was worth removing half of the pantry contents to use.

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Scootermom--Looks to me like the shelves wrap the inside corner and are not full depth.

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sarchlos... I'd love to see pic of your pantry... in all it's natural beauty!! :-)

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The doors open up to both sides - duh, right? The doors block the closest landing areas. I don't think that's a show stopper, just a consideration.

It depends on how many people get stuff from the pantry and how often that's done and what's next to the pantry on both sides. If the pantry is the only dry food storage, that exact kitchen arrangement would drive me bonkers and I'd take the doors off on the second day. (sigh) I visit the dry food storage a lot while I'm making stuff.

So trivial example, I take sugar in my coffee. Coffee on counter behind open door, sugar container on counter behind open door - so step back, open door, get sugar, close door, step forward, fill sugar, step back, open door, etc.

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Cilantro...looks the same to me, wrap arounds about 12-15, which I think woud be great.
Bmore...I see your concerns. We are close to being empty nesters, so we don't have too much action in the kitchen anymore like when all the kids were home! My coffee set-up will be elsewhere, my spices, oils etc will be next to cooktop. Most papergoods are in another understair closet or laundry room. So it will be food pantry and small appliance. I love the way it looks so I am hoping to make it work. Adjustable solid shelves, 15" deep, auto light, anything else? Thanks!

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I see Bmore's point, but it looks great, and for a lot of purposes would work great. It is a smart use of a corner for those who have the need and have a corner available...Much better than the regular corner cabinets I don't like, and maybe better than the framed in corner pantries, especially in tighter situations or where it doesn't fit stylewise. In other words, I can see that it may not work for everyone, but for some it could be a WONderful answer. And, I have to say again, it's great looking!

I am not an open shelves or glass door person, typically, but I have seen glass doors on pantry storage that I love. It helps to have the mullions as a bit of a visual barrier, and that the contents aren't usually right up to the glass with the shelves set back...So it just looks colorful and homey.

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Thanks rhome, I currently have a 30 cab pantry that opens with two doors
and 12 deep horseshoe style shelving. This would be similar except I would
have 24 inches more space inside to the left where I could keep seldom used
small appliances, etc. I'm excited to have found it and look forward to
working it into my plan.

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I can't see what the rest of you are seeing at all. To me, it looks like the left side of the pantry cabinet stops flush with the cabinets on the stove wall and doesn't go into the corner at all. I don't see a wrap-around. I'm considering a pantry cabinet in that corner too and was wondering if I should use roll-outs to avoid the problems that scootermom mentioned.

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If you look closely at the picture, it looks like the shelves are not as deep as the pantry itself and that there is a short shelf on the short side closest to the range. I agree that a pantry with full depth stationary shelves would be just awful. Been there; done that. I would be tempted to saw off about 10-12 inches of those darned shelves rather than shuffle through 2 feet of mess. However, a reach-in pantry with 10-12" shelves along the long wall, and 14-16" shelves along one short wall is truly a wonderful thing. One thing I would like even better than my current set up would be to have a "cantry" on the other short wall with shelves at 3-4" deep -- just deep enough for spices, cans, oils, and the like. Since I adhere to the principal of laziness, I much prefer the narrow shelves of my reach-in pantry so I can just reach in, see exactly what's there and grab it, to pull outs where I still have to go searching through drawers to find what I need. The other bonus: tall pantry cabinets and pantry pull outs are more $$$ than a pantry closet with narrow shelves. If you don't go for the glass doors (REALLY? Mullioned doors on a PANTRY? Some people must have way too much time on their hands if they can spend all their time keeping that looking pretty), I think it would be fantastic.

I'm stuck at work and don't have access to the photos of my pantry, but I'll try to post them tomorrow if I have time. But no comments about the general messiness -- my pantry doesn't have glass doors for a reason. (And keep in mind that my kitchen is a major BEFORE.) :)

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I'm really following your thought process carefully on the pantry concept sarchlos. If I decide to put a pantry closet in the kitchen of the home we're remodeling and leave my laundry room a laundry room; the space would be exactly 5'L x2'D. I'd have the choice of pullouts or what you suggest. My current kitchen has a 24"Wx24" deep pantry with stationary shelves. I hate it so much I put a cheap metal open shelving unit in the adjacent laundry room. Even though it's all open I still find myself searching for what I want.

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Our current pantry is 3'X2', but the shelves inside are narrow, except for the short 2' wall on one end, which has 16'' deep shelves. I love this set up (and like I said, the only thing I would change would be to add "cantry" narrow 3-4'' shelves on the other 2' wall; well, that and add about 2' to the entire space, which is why we removed the water heater from the kitchen earlier this year).

I agree that stationary shelves 2' deep are a BAD idea. Pullouts 2' deep don't seem to me to be much better, since the pullouts don't eliminate the searching and digging through 2' of stuff to find what you need.

The real key to the 5'X2' pantry is to stick it in a corner so that there is room for deeper shelf storage on one end of the pantry where you can fit your big Costco type stuff (cereal boxes, soda flats, snack packs, 10 lbs of chips, 5 lb can of beef-o-reeno, 6 pack of pianos, etc.). :)

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It might work out perfect then because the location is in a corner, a 5'x2' section of wall and then a doorway. Love the notion of a "cantry". That' my biggest pet peeve. Searching for the can of black beans.... where are the diced tomatos. If I leave my laundry room a laundry room, I'll still have shelving for bulk storage of paper towel/toilet paper to keep my pantry food products. I'm going to clip this so I can remember (brain sometimes short circuits) how to approach this.

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My pantry looks a bit like that, but is behind the range wall, so a few more steps. The costco/non-built-in beverage fridge shares floor space with a rolling basket storage (wire) and my favorite can storage unit from (it was in Costco a few years ago). It solves the can problem without having to have shallow shelves. I had a shelf unit built to nestle into the remaining space and put pullouts in parts of it. I'm not losing stuff, and it holds a ton, including large items, and costco bulk.

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I have mullioned doors on 3 pocket doors in our kitchen...with clear glass even. Granted, they're not closed and exposed all the time, but you don't have 8 kids either, vicnsb, so maybe it comes out even? ;-) You could also get obscured glass which would go a long way toward hiding fingerprints, dust, etc.

I think your shelving plan sounds great (horseshoe with deeper on the one side). It's especially good if it's like something you have that you know works for you. It'll be additionally nice to be able to fit in those small appliances that never seem to have a good home.

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Mine is similar, but it butts up to a doorway, not a cabinet/counter. The top shelf is 9" deep, the 2nd & 3rd are 12" deep, the 4th 18", and the bottom 12". On the left side the top shelf is 9" deep and the rest are all 12". On the right all shelves are 8" deep.

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Claybabe and Natal, those are fantastic pantry spaces. If I would've seen pantries like yours or like the one Vicnsb found, I probably would've designed my kitchen much differently! I almost didn't have any pantry, but I probably could have fit one like yours in...I thought any cabinet depth pantry would have to be a 'pantry cabinet,' which don't work for me. I just didn't realize how much you could do with the seemingly little space. In fact, I wish I could now add about 3 such places in my house...For linens, and for puzzles and games. :-)

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Claybabe and Natal...thanks for the photos, I really like your pantries!
Claybabe, your glass is really nice...I don't remember seeing this when
looking at photos of your kitchen.
It WOULD be great to have one of these in each room of the house!

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Our kitchen remodel included a 550 sf addition. That included a larger kitchen space, keeping room, second bath, laundry room, AND 3 closets. Our house is still under 1800 sf and small by most standards, but having that extra closet space is priceless!

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thanks for the great ideas. a pantry remodel is in our future and you've answered lots of questions

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vicnsb-or anyone,
Any decision on the pantry? I have gone back to the concept although it is in a different layout than the scullery plan. I would love to know how you like it and the dimensions. Mine would be 60 x 26, between the cooktop on the long side and the prep sink on the short side.
Thanks ;-)

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