Cleaning/restoring Pegagus black composite sink

tomatofreakAugust 4, 2014

I bought the sink today, mostly because of the terrific faucet that came with it. It's in overall good shape, no obvious cracks or chips, but it sure does show wear. If you have - or had - one, how did you clean and/or 'renew' it? It's going in the reno house which is being sold 'as is' but I want it to look its best since I have already poured sweat and blood into that money pit.

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Maybe oiling it will help? I had a black composite sink in my last house, it was 10-ish years old and was, how do I describe it? "rough" and faded-looking in places, even after I scrubbed and dried it. It would look sort of dried out. I always thought I should try rubbing a wee bit of oil into it but would always forget by the time the dishes were done. :o)

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I make my living restoring surfaces so I have every financial incentive to keep abreast of the latest in restoration. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find or experiment with a way to restore composite sinks.

I was trying to remove scratches. I could get the scratch out, but I couldn't get the refinished area to match factory. Perhaps if the whole sink were done, this wouldn't be an issue. There's a post about it here somewhere.

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trebruchet, was it this thread? It's long and old, but seems to have a wealth of suggestions. I'm not sure what to try first, but my biggest concern is 'fixing' the area on the sink divider where the finish looks as if it's worn through.

I have wanted this sink for my own house ever since reading about it here. Now I'm not so sure. I have always loved Kohler's cast iron sinks and I may just stick with one of those. Still, this black sink is sooooo pretty..... (If it's clean and shiny!)

Here is a link that might be useful: keeping 'granite's sinks clean

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Here is is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Experiment

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IMHO, there is a difference between Blanco's Silgranit II sinks and every other brand. Blanco is the only way to go.

This sounds like a sink you bought used, yes? A used, off-brand, 10 year old sink shouldn't be the benchmark you use to judge the possible purchase of a new Blanco Silgranit sink.

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trebruchet, thanks. I have some places to start now and a few days before it needs to go in.

breezygirl, it is a Pegasus - which I haven't considered an "off brand" - used sink, not 10 years old and generally sound. I could still be persuaded to get a Blanco since there is no sink in the universe (that I've seen) that does not have drawbacks.

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