2 inch granite backsplash - do you have one?

mirucaAugust 10, 2013

We want a low profile 2 inch granite backsplash. If you have one woudl you post pictures and share any problems you experienced with this? Do you have to have a lot of seams with the backsplash pieces?


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I don't have a profile in my kitchen, but I do have them in my small bathroom. I don't know if I want one in the kitchen because the profile takes up room on the counter and is one more hortizontal surface to wipe.That said, I like the look. I guess the number of seams depends on your counter design and if they use the long length of the slab to fabricate the backsplash. You and your fabricator need to discuss this option.


Ps. We are currently remodeling the kitchen.

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I had a soapstone backsplash that was about two inches high. I don't think it was seamed except at the corner.

I would do this again, I think it made for a clean, and easy-to-keep-clean, transition between wall and counter.

(There is a range hood in this kitchen concealed under the upper cabinets)

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Very nice! And I love the way you concealed the range hood. Thanks for the picture.

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