Phillips Hue Lighting System (sold at Apple)

tinanNovember 13, 2012

Has anyone checked out the Phillips Hue system? It is a wireless light control system with special LED bulbs that can create light in different colors to match decor or moods. You can also control lights remotely with your iphone and set up timers, dimmers etc (useful for vacation etc?) It seems rather gimmicky, but my husband is interested.

It's on sale at the Apple store and they have a website. I've watched a few youtube videos but it's hard to see what it would be like because people don't usually use it in a subtle way.

If anyone has tried it in person and have feedback?

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I hadn't even heard of it and beg you not to tell my husband. Please.

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I've heard of it, and I second kswl's remarks. When the Nest thermometer came out, I had to convince my hubby not to be an early adopter, and thank goodness--the early iterations have not been perfect.

But we do have one of the earliest TV's with apps, and love it! Yay, gadgets.

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, I made the mistake of opening the link and watching the clip with my teen son nearby, he has added it to his list. I read all of the reviews and it looks worth trying, especially if it is a no hassel return policy thru the apple store.

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You guys are cracking me up! I am sorry to have started the thread and provided any Y chromosomes with ideas... LOL!

I just hope I don't come home to red green and blue lights in every room one day... sigh.

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In my house it's not my DH who goes gaga over this kind of stuff, it's me. I would buy it right this second if we weren't trying to watch our spending this month! Lights that I can set to brighten slowly in the morning like the sun, or change to a cozier, moodier light on a whim, or control from my phone while I'm on vacation? Yes, please! I think these are a little glimpse of the future, when everything in our homes will adjust to our needs with the use of apps and mobile devices or even voice command. Yay for technology!

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demolitionlab, I hope so - if we get it first I will let you know, and I hope you will share if you get it. I have very mixed feelings on it - if the LED lights are truly capable of doing what they say then I would like it, but not sure if it's worth the price of $200 for the first 3 bulbs and base station.

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