Fun with my copper sink!

PoohpupAugust 4, 2012

My little girl is turning 7 on Saturday. :)

My hubby just shook his head and said I'm having way too much fun with my new kitchen. :) Can't wait until she sees it in the morning.

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I love it! The closest thing I could do in my own kitchen is write with lemon juice on my marble (not) or use my finger on my dusty range hood. Neither have the same effect as yours. ;)

Happy birthday to Poohpup's puppy!

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Breezy, it's so funny you said Happy Birthday to my puppy. My little girl LOVES dogs and is having a puppy themed party. When we ordered the cake, she asked them to write "Happy Birthday Doggies" on it. lol

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LOL! And my nearly 7 y.o. (September) DS loves kitties! He's forever crawling around on the floor mournfully meowing to show me he's an 'abandoned kitty with no home' so I'll give him a pretend kitty treat.

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Pooh: that's such a neat thing! What did you use, lemon juice or ketchup or something? She ought to get a kick out of that for sure.

Maybe I can write a chores list in mine for DH.....maybe he'd actually see it there...

Happy Birthday to Annie!

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Breezy, too cute! My little girl crawls around panting and barking and begs me to serve her meals in a bowl on the floor. If we ever got them together, think my puppy would end up chasing your kitty?

Deedles, I just finger painted with ketchup. I dried the sink out first to keep the ketchup from running. I made a happy face in the sink about a month ago and the ketchup ran a little bit because the sink was wet. Love the idea of leaving a honey do list in the sink. lol

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Happy Birthday Annie!

My "Annie" is a young adult now, but when she was around 7 she would run around the house on her hands and feet (not the knees) pretending she was a dog. She said she was training to get faster. When she was younger, around 4, she would be out in the dog area helping our dog Jake dig a hole. That hole got very big. The 2 of them put a lot of hours in, on that project. She recently returned from 6 months in Senegal working at a primate research facility assisting a PhD & professor. She intends to return:)

Animals are a blessing.

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Imagining how fabulous that would've been to see as a 7-year-old! Happy Birthday to Annie!!

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I love it. What a nurturuing, non-stuffy use of copper!

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Happy Birthday Annie! Hopefully Annie loved it and all the good wishes to her from the web.

If you end up doing holiday decorations in your sink, would you please post more pics? thank you!


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Happy Birthday Annie! I am sure she will just giggle when she sees the sink - the advantages of living finishes!

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Very sweet, Poohpup. Happy 7th Birthday from one Annie to another!!! What a great age...

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I'm impressed that you expect Annie will actually look at the bottom of the sink without prompting!

Happy Birthday, Annie!

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What an awesome, fun thing to do.

How long does it take for the writing to disappear/blend in? If you accidentally messed up with the ketchup and needed to start over, could you? Or do you need patina to build up again?

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes. My little girl so was excited when she saw the sink. It was too cute! And I wish I'd taken a picture of her face when I read the birthday wishes from GW!

I ended up having to point it out to her. I thought for sure her brother would tell her first thing this morning but he kept it a surprise.

Enduring, I can totally see my Annie doing the same kind of thing. Right now she wants to be a Gymnastics Princess Veterinarian. We'll see where that goes. lol

Mtnfever, holiday decorations! Hadn't occurred to me! Expect to see a pumpkin and Christmas tree at the appropriate times! I will definitely post pictures. :)

Linelle, the ketchup reacts pretty quickly with the sink but you won't see any evidence of ketchup if it is rinsed right away. I left this on for about 15 minutes to make sure it left a nice bright mark. In everyday use, I never worry about it. I throw ketchup in the sink all the time and it sits until I do the dishes or have a moment to rinse it out. It will probably be completely gone within a couple of weeks. I'll be able to pay attention this time because I know exactly what day I did it this time. :)

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too fun, happy birthday to your daughter!

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TOO CUTE Poohpups! I had to read your description of your Annie's special ambitions to my DH. He really got a happy laugh out of it, as did I!

I am so glad she got a kick out of our GW happy wishes. Sweet.

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