36" range or cooktop with under counter oven

maysfAugust 12, 2013

I am trying to decide if I will get 36" dual fuel range or a cooktop with a 30" under counter oven for my new kitchen. The cooktop and oven option seems cheaper (36" decor cooktop only cost $1200, plus a 30" bocsh oven for $1800, total is $3000). But dual fuel 36"range seems much more expensive,the cheaper brand kitchen aid is $6000. Am I calculating this right? The sale person at appliance store told cooktop plus oven is more expensive.
Please share your experience if you have a cooktop and an oven installed under the counter (I don't have the layout for a wall oven). Do you know any other brand is reasonable price and reliable? If you kitchen aid 36" range, do you like it? Is it good quality, reliable?

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36" Dual fuel starts at $2500

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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This place has KitchenAid KDRS463VSS for $4.8k.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Maysf, know nothing about prices, but this is something I posted on another thread.

Other advantages to separate stovetop and oven are

1. Can set both in standard-depth counter to save inches for other needs.

2. Sleeker, simpler design, with unbroken counter line.

3. MUCH, much faster, easier cleanup. NO moving appliance, cleaning back, both sides, bottom, and floor beneath. Ever.

4. Ability to set the oven wherever you want it. In my case doing that accomplished
A. Massaging placements to enable a wider drawer stack on that run. (36" stovetop, but 30" oven, gained 6" (six!) where I needed them by separating).
B. Never having to work in front of hot oven.
C. Replacing view of oven from doorway with view of unbroken counter and drawers.
D. Gaining place-of-use storage for implements and cookware, plus dishes, right at the stove.
E. Gaining empty counter directly over the oven and out of my busy space to set hot things down and leave them to cool.

My oven's only a bit farther down the same counter, to my left as I work at the stove, but with so much gained it's one of my better decisions.

Cons: All I can think of are
1. Oven sits lower than in a range.
2. You lose the massive, protruding range "look." Fine with me (my focal hood defines this area), but it's important to some.

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Other cons would be that you need dual electrical service, one 110 to operate the ignition for the gas, and a 220 line for the oven rather than a single 220 outlet that will operate the range.

Cooktops don't always play well above ovens, even if the manufacturer says they do. (There's a recent thread on here about that.)

36" above a 30" is much harder logistically to be able to get the correct support for the counter and cooktop. It ends up looking a bit awkward for the most part, even if you add in decorative details like fluted posts. It starts to look like an upside down triangle, what with the needed 42" vent hood, the 36" cooktop, and the 30" oven.

Generally, the need for dual fuel is a myth. Gas cooking can bake or roast 95% of whatever a homeowner wishes to cook with zero problems. After all, most professional bakers use gas convection ovens in their bakeries. :)

If I were doing the separate cooktop and oven bit, it would be because I was choosing the best in each category, and that wouldn't necessarily be the same brand appliance. It wouldn't even be a gas cooktop. It would be induction, probably Bosch, because would fit my budget. With a separate speed oven/MW (GE Profile), and separate convection wall oven (I'd have to research that one a bit further.)

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Fori is not pleased

If you're just comparing costs, don't forget to add in the additional cabinetry for cooktop/oven combo.

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For the cooktop you are also adding countertop and usually an extra charge for cutout.

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Thanks so much for everyone's input. I would like to consider other brand 36" range that is around $2500, but I went to a few appliance showroom in San Francisco Bay Area, the cheapest brand is kitchen aid, I could not find those brand on the link. Deeageaux posts here. Does Anyone use Verona 36" dual fuel? It is only $2500.
I can put the oven on my 4.5x8' island. I didn't think of cutting granite/ceaser stone cost for the cooktop.
Somebody told me the oven in the range has a fan/venting system for the smoke, but wall oven doesn't. Is it true?
I am thinking about induction cooktop. Not so sure yet.
Rosie: only concern I have for oven not under the cooktop is the smoke(If I burn the food or grease from cooking the meat) from the oven can't be vented out by my hood. Do you find that is an issue?

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You should have a ranghood over the range. This can vent the oven in the range. If you have a wall oven there is no rangehood over the wall oven.

The Verona distributor for Northern CA is R&B Wholesale out of Hayward CA they can be reached at 800-627-7539. They can tell you where your nearest Verona dealer is located.

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Deeeageaux, thanks so much for the information. I will call them.

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We are installing a GE profile 36" electric cooktop (not induction) over a GE profile 30" wall oven. Oven already installed, expect the cooktop to go in later this week!

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Olivertwist, what is the reason you use cooktop and wall oven under, rather than 36" GE dual fuel range? I would love to hear how will it go. I heard install oven under a cooktop can tricky, I have to talked to my gc yet. What kind of hood will you use? I am thinking of Broan 42" with exterior blower. I need a very strong vent since I cook a lot

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Now that I have a cooktop (induction) and a wall oven, I would never go back to a range.
I usually use the cooktop, while DH bakes/make pizza, etc.
Never again do I have to move aside so DH can reach into the oven, etc.
We don't bake as much as cooktop cooking, so I wouldn't want a 36" oven. 30" is plenty big for my family of 4 (entertain a lot).

look at Kobe also.
My is 42" w/ baffles 1100cfm.
when I was researching, I didn't think Broan offered anything like that.

good luck

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Hope you get this. the pricing comparison is INaccurate. A cooktop above a built-in oven has MANY price consequences buried into the cabinet, countertop and labor prices. For example, using a cooktop requires you pay for an additional 36" of countertop (+450) and another 100 bucks to cut-out for the cooktop (and throw away).
The 36" range uses only FREE SPACE, AIR !!
There are also MANY other added cost factors to the built-in appliances, added cabinet work, added electrical, added labor and more.

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I meant to say "The price comparison is INACCURATE"
Please get the sexy 36" commercial range with 6 gas burners and the extra wide electric oven !!

Here is a link that might be useful: article on built-in cooking

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Thank you so much for the pictures! I do like the range look, although mine would not look so sexy since I will buy cheaper brand, most likely Verona. But maybe in the future I can easily swap to my dream brand - wolf without much work for the cabinet and counter. Now i undertand that the cooktop and oven combo has a lot hidden cost (kpro123, i really appreciate the explanation). My decision is made. I need a bigger oven since this is the only oven and I have three kids.
I will look at Kobe hood.

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