Help - Hood height above range - dilemma for short people?

thedorkAugust 28, 2013

We are installing Zephyr Anzio and the recommended height is 26- 34'' - we have 8 feet ceilings.

I am 5'2 and my husband is 5'6.

At first we tried 30'' - rule of thumb but it looks very high and with low ceilings not a very good proportion.

I am thinking to go with 28-29" - my husband disagrees.

The hood is deep 22 3/4 and the range ( Berta ) and hood are both 30''.

I would appreciate any suggestions - thank you!

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Why does your husband disagree? If it is specified for between 26-34 it will work, and 30" is not really a magic number here because it is not a flammable surface. It can be installed according to manufacturer's recommendations and meet residential code.

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He wants 30'' - I want less - he thinks 28-29 it's too low - thank you!

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You are only disagreeing about 1-2 inches. I would side with the person who's worried about hitting his head against the hood. If it's about aesthetics, it's hard for anyone to judge without seeing pictures, but 1-2 inches is probably not something to worry about.

Our hood is 32" above the range and works for my wife who is 5'2".

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Our hood is 26" above the top of our Bertazzoni. We did not have a choice about this--strict requirements of our city's building code. I am 5'8" and my husband is 6'3" and it looks good and functions well.

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Thank you all! The shorter one - me 5'2 - cooks more so I will go with 28 probably.

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Kristen Hallock

We have 8' ceilings and we put our hood at 32" above the stove. It works fine for me. I am 5'2". My husband is 6' and he was happy with 32" above the range.

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I am 4'11". My hood is 30" above my range. I have no difficulty turning it on or off, which would be my only reason for wanting it lower. DH is 5'11" and I think it would be "in his face" any lower than it is.

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Where does the 2" put the knobs relative to your reach? My parents replaced a range hood and while my mother could easily reach the knobs on the old one, she could not on the new one and they were really only a couple inches higher. (But critical inches).

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Ours is 28.25. 8 ft ceiling, 6 inches trim (36 in standard uppers), 15 in upper above hood, small trim spacer to allow proper hood attachment (not exactly sure what, but GC said we needed it), and 9 in tall hood results in 28.25 in clearance.

I was hoping for 30, but it's really plenty high enough to avoid, even at 22 in deep. We are 5'4" and 5'6".

Mid reno, but best pic I have at the moment.

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Thank you all! 28'' is the number.

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