IKEA Pick up for Burlington Vt - anyone?

mirucaAugust 8, 2013

I swore I posted this on here the other night ... but I am burning the midnight oil trying to get things done in the last weeks before construction is complete... and I'm spinning!

We need a godmorgan vanity/sink from IKEA - but their delivery charge from Boston to Burlington VT is $349 ... and Montreal apparently doesn't deliver to Burlington VT.

Does anyone know of another less expensive delivery service to Burlington VT ... or is anyone going to IKEA from the Burlington area that would be willing to pick up the Godmorgan boxes?

I am on the west coast or I'd just make a quick trip to Montreal!. It is very frustrating that IKEA's shipping rates have gone sky high.

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by the time you pay the delivery charges, you could just buy a nice real wood vanity locally.....better quality for prob less money......

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But we don't like the looks of the standard plain old wood vanity :). And, they actually are not really less expensive.

For the cost of delivery charges, I would fly there and get to visit family to boot...while enjoying the sleek and modern lines of the IKEA vanity.

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Totally sympathize with you! We are 4 hrs from ikea and did an entire kitchen plus a godmorgen for the bath. Love their style and the prices cannot be beat anywhere. Sorry I can't help, but good luck!

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Check Craigslist. I don't know about VT's but Maine's usually has a posting for someone going to the Fall River store and looking to offset their gas by picking up for others.

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I will check out Craigs' list ...thanks

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IKEA Vanity purchased! No more need for delivery. I'm a little nervous though about the plumbing ... since it was purchased in Canada vs MA.

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