3 years and the beer is still flowing!

jgoppAugust 4, 2014

Hi everyone... it has been a while since I have posted updates on my other kitchen. I'm working on those pics I promise! I had a malfunction with the dishwasher and it destroyed two cabinets so that project is not going to be revealed until I get that repaired... sorry! I promise I'll have some good ones soon!

Anyway I was thinking about how massively in love I still am with my home base kitchen. I bought a gopro camera and thought I could get some unusual shots which really show the entire scope of the kitchen, which was a little tricky before. So I've posted those and posted some regular pictures as well. You can really get a scope of how the kitchen flows this way.

All is basically the same minus a new tapper unit for the beer tap. I installed a french door Sub-Zero and moved the old 36 side by side to the other property since I needed more fridge space here.

The first two pics really show the true colors of the kitchen, the gopro doesn't have the best color filtration on it so they seem a little more yellow.

Hope you all enjoy! Would love to see pics of your kitchens a couple years in as well! Who still loves their kitchen?

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Do you home brew?

I love/hate you. Since I showed my husband pics of your kitchen and his friend got into brewing, he has become obsessed with building a home brew system with a kegerator run from the basement to the kitchen.

He also has serious envy of your new tub, the one with the glass side.

I should just stop showing him your posts on GW. :)

Can't wait to see new pics of your lake house!!

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LOLing at using a GoPro to capture a renovated kitchen..... I'm imagining someone jetpacking through the kitchen, GoPro hanging from a body harness....

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I won't lie - I've thought more than once about how it would be fun to tie a go pro to the dog while he runs around the house. Probably somewhere on his back so his ears would poke up in the foreground in all the pictures.

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First time I have seen your other kitchen, it is lovely, of course! What is your granite!

Mtrdredux is "revealing" three years after the fact, she obviously loves her kitchen still, lol!

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Looks great! I still love the wall and ceiling colours! I like the glass knob on the house door too. My house has almost all glass knobs and I love them!

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It still looks gorgeous!!!

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Texas: I do homebrew once and a while. Though I haven't in a while maybe I should get back into it. I made a hazelnut and cherry beer for Christmas but haven't made anything since.

greenhaven: it's actually quartzite, been seeing a lot more of it around which I guess is to be expected, it caught on pretty heavily around here.

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Love it! Do you mind sharing your paint colors in the kitchen? And what type of cabinets?

So beutiful! !

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I remember the walls are Rosemary Sprig by BM, can't remember what the ceiling is. The cabs are some white I think called Brilliant by BM.

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I remember your kitchen and showed to my DB who is quite the brewer.
My kitchen is finally done after 2.5 years. I did a reveal but when I return from our trip, plan on postings updates.
Thanks for showing your gorgeous kitchen and GoPro pictures. I am taking ours on the Jasper to whitefish bicycle ride.

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So nice to see more pictures of your kitchen! You should link to your original reveal. (It's one that has stood out in my memory over the years).

DH bought me a GoPro for Christmas which I still haven't used (why would I want to re-watch something I just did??) - though I do think about putting it on the dog sometimes. Kitchen photos - I may have to try that out! I know what you mean about the interesting angles and have been meaning to get a wide angle lens.

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I remember your taps. :) From my "I like beer" thread.
I still haven't done anything about incorporating my tap system into my kitchen, but tomorrow's another day.

You reminded me all ex-DH's brewing equipment is out in the barn. Hmmm....
He made a Porter once, called "Chocolate Thunder." I was in heaven.

Your kitchen really looks great. I'm glad you love it. I couldn't imagine anything else!

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Oldbat and Jgopp - DH bought me one for Christmas also and I tested it on the ice caves and a shake down ride for this trip. He bought me a bicycle mount which puts everything upside down and backwards - but safer as it is below the handlebars.
GoPro says - just do it! I figured out how to use the GP app to view and remove from the camera yesterday. .
We could start a new post - GoPro kitchens!

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oldbat: I linked my original post at the bottom if you wanna relive the old crummy kitchen I replaced.

a2gemini: can't wait to see the updated photos! Also that sounds like so much fun for a vacation.

CEF: you gotta bust out that brewing equipment and make some new tasty beers for the fall. Or maybe even a Apple Cider perhaps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Original kitchen reveal

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a2 - hah! Ya know, we really ought to:)

Thanks for linking jgopp. Off to enjoy again....

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