inside kitchen

Jennyms319August 21, 2012

photo 4/6 thats the door we want to close up

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I'm sure the experts will soon be along to help answer your questions, but I wanted to point out that you can put multiple pictures in the same message and make it easier to see everything all at one.

When you put in the html code for the first picture, space down a couple of lines and then do the next and then rinse and repeat until you have all of the pics in.

Unsolicited assistance I know, but maybe helpful nonetheless.

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what is the question? I have no idea. not that I'm an expert.

I don't see a question tho, just a statement w/ a pic.

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You will get much more responses if you put everthing in one thread. Use an online photo service like photo bucket to be able to post all your photos in one post. If nothing else at least keep it all in one thread. Your various threads (I don't think I can find them all) will end up scattered all over.

You may wish to start a new thread with a title that briefly explains your question. Put all your photos and info in the first post. Let all these other threads drop.

Its up to you, I'm not trying to tell you what to do. Everyone here wants to help but its alot easier if all your info is together.

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Do not respond in this thread.

All pics and info are being consolidated into the following thread.
Please direct all responses HERE ...

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