How do you raise countertop height?

dingosurfAugust 14, 2008

We are going with Kraftmaid cabinets, which come in a standard 34-1/2 inch base. When you add a 3 cm granite counter, it ends up being about 35-5/8 inches. Is there any way to increase the height of the countertop relatively easily? Can you put a piece of plywood underneath with some moulding around the edge just under the countertop? Has anyone increased their counter heights without going to custom cabinets? I'm just trying to gain about an inch.

BTW, I'm 6'5".


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I'm a novice, but I "think" you could increase your toe kick. We are going with 39", we have 381/2" now, but our cabs are custom. I know the cab people were going to increase our toekick from the standard 3-4" to 6" to achieve our requested height, but my DH wanted the cabs to be bigger so we are going with the standard toekick. Hope I am right and that this helps.

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Sure, have your contractor or cabinet installer build a raised platform for the base cabs to sit on. Make it any ht. you feel comfortable with. Their Venezia line is euro construction and sits on legs. Most of the leg manufaturers offer different lengths of legs and / or extensions and that would be the easiest solution if it's available to you.

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I'd go higher in the toe kick area. It will be less noticable.

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We had to increase our cabinet height (after they were already DIY installed) because the height with 3cm granite would have been lower than the 36" minimum height of our new Bosch slide in range, by 1/2". And I wasn't about to get a lower range, b/c the Bosch is a beauty.

We put plywood on top of the cabinets (under the granite), and have matching cabinet trim to cover the plywood. The trim will be installed soon. It was the only fix for us and it works perfectly. Once the trim is up, it will be unnoticable.

Good luck.

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cOur neighbors just had to do this as HD did not allow enough space in their oven cabinet for the under cooktop oven to fit. They took a filer strip that measured one inch from KM and just put it around the edges. When the granite guys came to template, they then told them that no plywood would be needed if they put a filler strip along the wall too. It looks fine and the wife likes the extra height, even though she is only 5'4"

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I talked to our KD, and she said that it would not be hard to get a piece of trim to screw in on top of the cabinets.
I spoke to our general contractor, and he thought the thinner the better so it would not be as noticeable, as the grain would be running the opposite direction to the cabinets, and that it would move the seem up, which would be hidden under the granite better.

Could anyone supply a picture?

Thanks for your help. Gotta love the kitchen forum.


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How much higher do you want it? If it is an inch or so, I would simply add a toe kick frame. The more you add to the top of the cabinet, the more the countertop has to be built up to hide that edge.

In my opinion, I would go with custom cabinets and build it to the height you want and gain the extra storage space! Lets say want 39" cabinets, you will gain a 3" storage space instead of wasting it on toe kicks or counter build ups.

These days cabinets are being built with independent toe kick frames so that the cabinets can be installed to any height and leveling them is far easier.

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If you plan on putting a range in your kitchen, be sure to check the specs on the range first. Some ranges have very tight tolerances. If you're doing a cooktop with wall oven, it won't matter.

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I'm with Pharaoh! Get as much usable space as possible!'re installing Toe-Kick drawers under all your cabinets...then I might say put it in the toe-kick are so you have deeper drawers.

Does KM customize to this extent? (Are they "semi-custom"?)

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