Old Masters American Walnut Stain?

gyr_falconAugust 6, 2014

Anyone have photo examples of wood stained with Old Masters American walnut gel or wiping stain they could share? I think it is the color we want to use for our kitchen cabinets, but the internet does not have many clear photos of the color. I am looking for a bit darker than our existing medium brown, with just a hint of red to warm the cabinets up. We need to go with the Old Masters brand, rather than General Finishes or Minwax, because the Lowes here does not carry these stains anymore due to CA's regulations.

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Bumping; not sure why it fell to page 3, when there were no replies. If not this color, anyone have experience with other Old Masters stain colors?

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This is a 50/50 mix of General Finishes Java and Candlelite. Could you order it online?

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You may want to check out the General Finishes website. I think their products may be carried by local independent suppliers, even though Lowe's doesn't carry them anymore. There are plenty of CA suppliers listed, and one might be near you.

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Wow, that is really nice. I have been so indecisive about whether to paint or gel stain my bath cabinets. I knew I didn't want to go as dark as java, but also couldn't find photos of anything but java. That photo looks exactly like the color I want. Still haven't made up my mind paint vs gelstain, I was leaning toward paint, but after seeing that photo, I am not so sure.......

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That color mix is beautiful, nosoccermom, and exactly what I picture for the cabinets! I do prefer the color of the General Finishes stains in photos. I can order online, or drive to one of the other distributers, but my husband can get the Old Masters stain for less than half the cost. Since this is just a get-us-by update until we remodel the kitchen, I am thinking the result does not have to be as perfect as it would be for a real remodel. But I also don't want to go to the trouble of staining everything if the results are not going to be ok.

Hard to believe this all started after a florescent light ballast died...That woulda coulda been a $20, 30 minute project. Ha!

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I do - just stained a dozen interior doors with Old Masters American Walnut wiping stain. Will take a pic when next at house, tonight or tomorrow. Yes, it is a bit darker than med brown, with a hint of red. It looks a lot like nosoccermoms pic. I am very happy with the quality of the coverage.

The Benjamin Moore paint store had some 2x2'' samples, pretty hard to make a decision off that small of a sample. I had painters start by staining the inside of a closet door so I could make sure it was what I wanted.

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Looking forward to seeing them. I imagine the doors looking pretty in your home. My husband won with his white doors; I am not very fond of white, but ended up needing to give somewhere.

What color were your doors before, and do you think that made a difference in the outcome? How many coats did you apply? I don't think the store I was at had wood samples of this brand, but Vista Paint might; will pay them a visit.

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Gyr, our remodel started when the range died, and since DH didn't want a new stainless range to fell all alone, we ended up getting a new fridge, new counters, refinishing the cabinets........etc.

BTW, your name, do you have one?

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Pic attached is of American Walnut - not sure how true the color looks on your monitor but definitely a nice brown with a hint of red - perfect description.
The American Walnut is heavily pigmented and gives great coverage

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Looks a little lighter than this. Poor lighting in the house right now. I'll try another shot during the day. This was 2 coats, I think left on for 15 minutes each.

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Nosoccer, if that's your home, it's as pretty as all the other photos you post!

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Nope, it's not my home. My house is in shambles because I can't decide what I want to do. Still collecting ideas.....

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Thank you for the additional photos and descriptions. I feel better about giving this stain a whirl now. The coverage with two coats looks great; with all of the cabinetry pieces involved, each additional coat that is needed multiplies the task considerably, and some other stain examples used three.
Yes, Anne, someone did give me name long ago. But it has never really been a comfortable fit. So on forums, one of the few places I can get away with not using "Linda", I prefer to use Gyr.

Funny about your kitchen for a broken stove. Hmmm. After my cabinets are done, I think there might be some broken tiles aka tiles broken, in our master shower. ;-)

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