Need a new kitchen vent with external blower- or do i?

RKALIDOSSAugust 27, 2013

We just bought a house and the Thermador range hood which is about 20 years old isnot working:Model Number says H5530-03. The handyman says the blower motor is not working( VR600)..I called thermador and they say none of the blowers they carry today will work for that model of the vent..arrrrgghhh!..This is an external mounted vent on the roof...and i like to keep it that way, i better off just buying a new hood, or should i get another service guy to see if he can repair the blower..I aksed Thermador if the VT630D blower will work..but they said no are my choices for hoods 1)Thermador 2)Viking 3)BEST??.. We just bought a house so dont have too much money to splurge..but we cook a lot of spicy food, and especially love our a powerful hood is a must and also the kitchen is a open floor plan where we will be watching quietness of the hood would be very plaese please ..put me out of this misery and help me choose!!..Thankyou all..I think this site trumps facebook as a new homeowner :))))

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Sears has a diagram with all the parts listed in link.

I would call to see if the motor is available.

It appears to be a single speed 600 cfm motor.

Nothing made today is compatible.

If motor is not available you need a new hood or have somebody that really knows their stuff replace the blower,the control module, and the wiring in between. Cheapest would probably be fantech quietest is abbaka.

You say a powerful hood is a must and low noise is very important. Then you don't have too much money.

Powerful + quiet = expensive

But if you want new hood recs what size hood are you looking at? Maybe we can find a deal on a good one?

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Most people buy their hood and blower as a package, but you can probably buy a Best/Broan external blower and have a professional electrician rewire to the hood. Check with Broan to see if they have a blower that will work with the controls on your existing hood.

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Here's a link which may help you find parts to your VR-600.
I had a VR-1000 before remodel which was still sucking great after forty years. As I understand it, the bearings can go first on these.

Here is a link that might be useful: VR-600

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You might have systemic communication and control issues (wiring, control, etc.) or you might have motor issues (bearings, rotors, etc.).. or both.

Has that been determined? A regular electrician with a multimeter could probably tell that.

Either may be fixable, but will require patience and unususal expertise to do so. The motor, in particular may need to be removed and sent to a specialized shop.

Do you have any idea if the system, in perfect working order, would satisfy your powerful but quiet requirements? Do you like the exterior styling of the vent hood?

These are all questions to answer before tracking down repairs. Or they may demand that you track down repairs as nothing else will do.

Your call.


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Thankyou all!..I just measured and we have a 30 inch this point in time i am leaning toward buying a new hood with external blower..can you guys suggest a good brand for around 2000$ max..

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There is very little in your prices range with 30" size and external blower.

There is one Broan and one Zephyr maybe an Imperial.

These are 24" D the minimum I would recommend for serious cooking. There is the Thermador Masterpiece which is 23 1/8 D in your price range.

Best is Broan's premium line but only comes in 36" with exterior blower. This would also give you better capture area for more effective venting.

Then there are the more expensive made to order hoods like Prestige and Modern-Aire.

If you were able ( no upper cabinets near range) and willing to go to 36" there would be a lot more options.

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I bought my Broan E60E36SS 36" hood, external 600CFM blower, and Fantech duct silencer for $1158 total. The blower was about 50% off, but new, on eBay (where there is a new one right now for $195). Add on another $100 or so for more duct and another duct damper. I have about 15' of 10" duct.

This doesn't include installation cost, which was part of my major remodel cost.

If the hood itself is okay, I would look into replacing just the
motor and control.

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