What Color Would You Paint This?

ms222November 17, 2012

Sorry, I know this should be in the paint forum, but no one responds there and this is more towards design anyways.

I'm going to paint the exterior of my house, it's an older 1960's single family home, but I have made the inside have more of a contemporary feel with lots of greys and blues and contemporary furniture. The house currently is an ugly green color and the roof kind of has a pinkish tone to it.

I'm struggling to find a color that would make the house look updated and go with the roof. I was thinking of having someone paint the roof tiles a light gray and then maybe paint the outside white? If the tiles stay the same color what color would work to make it updated...I don't like yellow.

(And yes I know the pillars in the front need to be replaced due to the styling, and I will be replacing the outdoor lights with more contemporary fixtures.

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Is the roof really as pink as it looks on my screen, or is it more of a salmon color? Even the columns appear to have a pink tinge to them.

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The first thing that comes to my mind is something in the medium grey range with a lighter grey column. I didn't know you could paint the roof tiles. Maybe they wouldn't look so bad once you toned down the house. I'd also remove that front hedge and plant something low-growing in front of the left side of the porch and continue it in front toward the entry. You don't show the entire front, but it looks like a white vinyl fence to the left too. Same with that single shrub between the entry and the garage. Make a planting bed out of that small space.

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I think it would look great in a charcoal gray with the white trim and a white or light gray roof paint.

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Have a look at BM...
Brandy Cream
Dusty Road
Tucson Winds
Carlisle Cream
Bayshore Beige

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I would not paint the roof! Some of the paints can destroy your roof. It might take a year or two or three but a roof has to breath, if not it traps the moisture. Spray is a very bad idea; people do it though not knowing it will shorten the roof's life span.

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Agree with jterrilynn........don't paint the roof. Imagine what it would look like when the paint starts peeling!

I would go with gray tones or gray/white for the exterior.

Instead of replacing the columns check into the sleeves that can go over existing columns. A carpenter may be able to reshape or box in the ornate top of each column.

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I feel that gray would conflict with roof. The roof is really warm-toned and I think a paint should be too. I think that's why the green you have now isn't working with the roof.

The traditional color for this tile roof is just a cream-off white. Since you are trying to go in a more contemporary direction, how about a chocolate type brown and paint the accents a slightly lighter version of the same color?

has a similar look to what I'm thinking, although the browns aren't warm enough on that particular house.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Please don't paint those wonderful roof tiles. They were meant to be the exact color they are now, and anything else will look odd, IMO. I think a creamy off-white would work best on your brick.

(Disregard the website logo - shown for photo only):

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In fashion, I often see pink paired with chocolate brown or charcoal gray, so that's what I thought of as soon as I read your description. After seeing the photo, I still think those would be good choices. I see others have recommended these as well. (My personal preference would be a charcoal gray.)

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Gray? I just don't see it. Warm brown, as some others have suggested or what about an ivory? But gray, when you are in southern California or Florida or a place like that doesn't seem right to me.

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I think that a dark gray would look fabulous. Check out the Benjamin Moore site and pick a color close to the roof color. Then it will show you complementary colors. When I did it I got a lot of grays.

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I caught this thread doing a search for PINK EXTERIOR--
because we bought second home in FL that has roof tiles very similar and want to repaint the house's exterior...
right now it is a grayish white with darker gray trim--very un-Florida colors IMO and the house could stand some brightening up...
it is difficult to keep a White House truly white because the water for the sprinkler system comes from well on our lot and it has sulfur or something in it--leaves a yellow stain on some lower areas of the exterior...
I wanted to paint the house yellow until we realized the roof tiles are really PINK w/some black streaks painted on...
yellow won't work with those tiles and neither will a tan...

WHAT did you decide to go with for your house???
These tiles seem to be more Santa Barbara than FL gulf coast to me--
our house is only one in our subdivision with them and all the houses have tile roofs--it is an HOA requirement...

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Don't paint the tile roof!! Tile will expand and contract and paint and the paint will peel and look awful.

I would paint the stucco creamy white, which looks best with the roof and the intended Spanish style.

I think the problem with your current color is the greenish cast which clashes with the roof.

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