how to install custom panel on DW?

michoumonsterAugust 15, 2013

Hi everyone, can you give me some guidance?
Our contractor installed our custom wood panel on the dishwasher. It is an integrated model, so all you see is wood panel. I don't know if it is normal. There is about 1 inch of wood panel above where the controls are. I read the installation manual and it said to install the panel flush with the top of the controls? I am wondering if this was done wrong? I know many of you have custom panels.
can you share any pics of the top of your custom panel where it meets the controls?
I'll try to take a pic of our DW also after my cycle is done so you can see what I am talking about. thank you for tips!

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Good morning michoumonster, my Dishwasher is a Bosch custom panel and as you can see in the picture the wood panel is flush with the top edge where the controls are. If it was an inch above like yours is I would not have been able to close the dishwasher because it would have hit the countertop overhang. Is your dishwasher installed yet. I only have about 1/4 inch clearance between the countertop and the top of the dishwasher.
Here's how it looks open

And closed:

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It is supposed to be flush with the top edge of the dishwasher so that he controls hidden at the top are easy to access. Have him fix the panel. Does the top currently align to the top of the drawer or cabinet next to it? Post a photo if you can.

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badgergal, thanks so much for the pics. that is how i thought it should be.

gwlolo, here are pics of my install. it looks ok when the door is closed.

when opened, it is a little awkward to press the buttons. and i think over time, that area of the wood will get gross.. also, i think if it were flush, I would be able to see the lights at the edge, right? with my setup, I cannot see the lights to know if it is running.

I am hoping it is an easy fix for myself and DH to do. our contractor basically has moved on from our project (even though lots not finished yet). sigh...

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