Two faucet questions - size and style

pdx7700August 4, 2014

If the prep sink is much smaller than the main sink, do people usually get a "bar" style faucet? My prep sink is a Silgranit Performa - the inner dimensions are 15" deep and 15.5" wide. Should I go for a smaller bar faucet, or can I stick with the same one as I use for my Super Single?

My other question is about handle style. I've noticed that most GW pictures with a single handle faucet have it attached directly to the faucet. Why is that more popular than a separate handle?


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Size of a prep sink faucet is completely a matter of personal choice. 15x15 is more of a bar sink than a prep sink size so a bar faucet is appropriate. But, f.ex. I would want a pull out on a prep sink. Some kitchen faucets are small and might be more functional than a bar faucet.

Single handle faucets require 1 hole in the counter. Separate handle/joystick requires a second hole and placement. Again, a question purely of function, budget and how you want it to look.

No touch faucets offer the latest convenience. Grohe Minta makes a small one with a pull down.

Here is a link that might be useful: No Touch Kitchen Faucets

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Here's a really old photo showing my two Hansgrohe faucets.

Both are normal sized pull-down faucets. (Love, love the pull-down vs pull-out.) When I was buying them, I considered the bar faucet briefly for my Blanco Performa prep sink then decided I wanted the full functionality of a regular sized faucet. Who knows if it was the correct decision, but I'm very happy with the faucets. I can set a pot on the counter next to my prep sink, swivel the faucet over, and fill it with water. I also have enough space to rinse fruit comfortably under the tall spout. Try mocking up the size of both faucets you're considering and see how each feels as you pretend to use them for prep chores.

When first installed, my prep sink faucet did look ginormous on the middle of the flat island like that. I'm used to it now. I wanted the prep zone to have the best possible function.

I also put a Tapmaster on my prep sink faucet. Love it for hands-free use, and I could pick whatever faucet I wanted to go with it!

I chose faucets with the control stick and sprayer all in one for a cleaner look. Only having one hole for the faucet is much better to my eye. I think that's why they are so popular. I also installed a soap dispenser and an air switch for the GD at each sink.

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Thank you both! The picture is so helpful breezy, since I am using the same size prep sink. I will still do a mock up, but it is really nice to get a sense of scale from your photo.

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You're welcome. Which color of silgranit did you choose? Both my Performa and super single are metallic gray. I am completely enamored with my sinks. Hope you like yours just as much!

Here's another shot to see the scale of Performa.

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Oh that's funny, I got metallic gray too. It is so pretty! We have so many similarities (white shaker, same pulls, same sinks) but the results will be so different. Fun!

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Hey rebecca3142. I used the Delta Trinsic style for both my prep and kitchen sink. I loved the styling and the finish, and after a month or two, am very happy with them.

I used the "bar" faucet for the prep sink, which measures 16"w x 17" d, and the regular faucet for the kitchen sink, which measures about 18" x 30".

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Hey breezygirl, I have a question on your faucets. I'm looking for a faucet with a long spout reach. It appears from the picture that the faucet spout is angled forward. I've looked at this faucet specifically and all the specs just say spout reach is 8-3/4â from center of faucet base to center of the spout. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know how far out the water sprays. Does that make sense? The reason I ask is that I have a very wide triple sink. Right now the Danze I have does not reach into the middle of the side sinks. I'm thinking if the Hansgrohe sprays at an angle forward, it might be better. Thanks much, breezygirl.

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