Help replacing sub zero with another brand

lgordon424August 9, 2013

My R211 subzero is 29 years old and I noticed a leak in the freezer when I saw a sheet of ice on the floor below the pull out shelf. When the repair person came, he said it couldn't be fixed: 1) the drain was probably clogged and there was no room in the kitchen to pull out the refrigerator to get to it and 2) the screws in the unit that the fan is housed in are all corroded and if they opened it, they couldn't close it. Since the compressor was fine and there wasn't an issue with freon, he suggested I put a container on the top shelf to collect the drippings so iI wouldn't get a frozen sheet of ice building up. Now I'm looking to replace it with another brand as a new one goes for $8000 and a floor model, if i can find one with a right hinge goes for $4950. Any suggestions that will fit in the 30" space?

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You can check on the Appliances Forum to see if they have any recommendations. However, I suggest you first do some research to see what refrigerators will fit in your space. Your space is rather small by today's standards. Most "main stream" refrigerators are around 36" wide x 72" tall.

I recommend you do some research prior to posting b/c, in general, people respond more favorably if they think you've at least tried b/f asking - it will show that you're not asking someone else to do your research/homework for you. Remember, we're all volunteers on these forums.

Some manufacturers to look into:

GE Monogram
GE Profile
Kitchen Aid
Jenn Air

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It depends on the height of your unit/opening. There are 30" wide built-ins and integrated refrigerators/freezer combos from Liebherr (80 to 84" with gap filler) and Miele/Thermador/Bosch (84"). As you can see, all European brands as they tend to make smaller appliances, but also priced below the Sub Zero. Liebherr also makes a CD.

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JA makes a CD

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Sophie Wheeler

If there isn't room in the kitchen to remove this, how do you expect to replace it? Remove all of the cabinets first?

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Circus Peanut

I adore my 30" Liebherr, can warmly recommend it.

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hollysprings, that's exactly what I was wondering.

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Another 30" Liebherr owner and lover here.

a...and yes, if you can't get the old one out??

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There's a 30" right-hinged SZ511 on ebay right now going for around 2K.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay

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