Should I make this change, even if it costs me?

blackchamoisAugust 8, 2012

It may be too late for me to change this (at least not without a price), but why not post the question and add to my growing list of regrets??? Regret #1 - not finding GW sooner! :)

My kitchen is currenty gutted and cabinets are being built. I had planned to have a raised L-shape bar in my new kitchen as I had in my old (you can see of glimpse of the area in question in the lower left)

But now I am thinking that I should have made it counter height so that I would have more usable counter space (like in this pinterest photo). Duh! :(

What do you think???

Here is a link that might be useful: Counter height bar

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Ask what the price would be, it could be lower than you'd think. More countertop space is usefull and therefore warrants the extra costs. HTH, Petra

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I debated this forever! Our neighbors did the counter height and I loved the way it looked but their counter was way longer than ours- about 74 inches to our 56. Also I have a dining table right behind the area so I figured it would look weird. All in all, I am glad I went with the raised bar so I can have some separation from my guests and my cooking area. Plus I got an extra outlet built in the raised spot:)

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Without seeing the whole kitchen, I'd easily say go with one height if you can swing it. Your prep space between sink and range is itty bitty. You'll need the extra space left of range to set oils, utensil bin, and even prepped food ready to go in the pan to keep your actual prep counter clear. Plus, the extra one-height space will be useful for crafts, wrapping, etc.

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Definitely look into the cost. I agree that it may not be as much as you think. From what I can see, I'd be inclined to say counter height would work better for your space for the same reasons the breezy noted. Better late than never!

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I just saw the larger view of yodel kitchen on your other thread. Definitely go with one height! Besides the reasons I mentioned earlier, having all of your kitchen counter height will make it feel more open and, therefore, larger.

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Annie Deighnaugh them...they may not have started those cabinets yet....

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I like counter height.

I'd check into it. Less materials and standard heights can mean fewer $$.

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I hated my raised bar. Our dining room table is right next to the peninsula, so we eliminated seating and put in 12 inch deep cabinets and display cubbies in place of the pony wall. I never knew what it was like to prep in unrestricted space and I love it.

The old monstrosity:

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The new. Note the corner space I gained by shrinking the pantry next to the fridge from 20 in. to a 9 in. pull-out.

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I vote for checking into the cost. Unless the raised part is serving a function of hiding your mess from the front door (or something like that), I think you will prefer the one level.

Counters haven't been done yet if the cabinets are not done. Even if the cabinets are started, they might be able to just shorten them. I think the higher cost would come if you were going the other way, from shorter to higher.

Keep us posted.

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I was going to say the L shape was fine, but after looking at May Flowers nice pictures, that was the way to go!

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I haven't looked at your layout specifically, but I hate my raised bar. It just collects junk and we don't enjoy sitting there and looking at the kithcen whilte eating. And it really cuts down on the amount of useful prep space.

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Yes, go with counter height all around if you can afford it, even if it costs you.

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The countertop will certainly cost you less if you go with one level because there are fewer edges. I felt too closed in by the multi-level in my old kitchen, so I'm giving a very strong yes to making the change.

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I vote yes on the one level. It will give you more prep area and your kitchen will have a more open feeling to it. Money spent now will be worth it.

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Oh man, we are redoing out kitchen and opted for the raised bar! In part so I could hide a little of what was on the counter, and in part to give us more countertop. I hope I don't regret it! (ours is a raised peninusla, already built.)

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I agree, one height is preferable to two. As to whether a counter height peninsula would look odd with a dining table right next to it, here's mine. (Sorry, I'm not going to clear the decks for this photo - I'm just taking a break before getting back to finding homes for all the stuff we cleared out of a bedroom in order to spiff it up. The open computer is where I am right now. That's Katie, our sweet Golden, under the table.)

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I would vote for counter top bar. I am doing that in my new build because I like the wider space to work on, as well as use for a serving area when I have a buffet dinner.

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Thank you to all who commented and shared feedback! I am definitely going to ask about changing this.

Suzannesl - I don't think your layout looks odd at all. My barstools will not be on the end that is open to the dining area, but the other side that is more a part of the living room. I hope THAT doesn't look odd!

CKGM - To your point about separation from your guests and cooking. I can completely understand that ... and a part of me feels the same. I originally just didn't think the counter height "felt" right, but that is probably because I have been living with the raised bar for so long. Maybe it's time for a change!

Either way, I will have the bar stools. I like being able to chat with my company while I'm in the kitchen so it seemed like a good idea to have a modest overhang for a bar and some seating.

I've include a simple layout of my overall space if anyone has additional thoughts.

Thanks again!

OT - MayFlowers, how do you like your open (upper) cabinet? I am thinking of adding some glass doors to the cabs that will be on either side of the window, but the open cab that you have looks nice as well!

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I posted on your other thread but definitely make the change- in your space it is for sure the right solution. Even in my space I debate my choice still:( I was giving you the pluses in case the change was not feasible:)

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The open cab works well for that spot. I had a regular cab before and I couldn't really reach the shelves too well. It's only 13 inches wide, just enough for a doo-dad to a shelf.

I know the cabs you're talking about. Are those your main dish cabinets? I think it'd look cute to put a plate rack at the bottom of both of those cabs and store the rest of your dishes and glassware in the cabinets. They're right beside the sink and DW, so it'd be handy.

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MayFlowers - My main dish cabs (prior to demo) were to the left of the frig and to the right of the sink (above the DW). Going forward - whether I do glass cabs or doorless cabs (like yours) on either side of the window, I could certainly move the storage to those cabs. I agree it would be handy next to the sink and DW.

Thanks for the idea!

Now off to Home Goods to shop for pretty new dishes! :)

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