Do different Lowes stores within one city differ in pricing?

boone_2009August 25, 2012

Or do they all have the same 'standard' prices for kitchen cabinets, installation, etc. given that they all display the same brands of cabinetry? If I go to one Lowes and am not happy with their offer/design, and then go to another, will the second Lowes access the kitchen info/pricing (offered during my visit to another branch) on their computer and refuse to give me another estimate? Not too happy with the KD in first Lowes, which is why I am asking.

Thanks a lot!

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Pricing is set by corporate computers. There is no difference within a region. You will pay the same at any store if the design is the same. The promos are also set nationally and all discounts are the same. Some discounts, like a free sink base etc, have to be manually entered by the designer but most are automatically calculated by the computer at checkout time. Designs from one locale cannot be accessed by another though. If you went to another location, you would have to start over with a measure of the space and recreating everything from scratch.

Why are you unhappy with your KD? They should be doing everything within their power to get you the kitchen of your dreams! It's possible that your issue could be handled by your local store without you having to go to another one.

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GreenDesigns, thank you very much for your kind reply. I read somewhere on the forum that you worked ( or still work ) at Lowes.. so I especially appreciate your input!

We would like to stick with our local Lowes if we decide on using a big-box store ( still getting estimates from different companies); the KD, though, does not seem enthusiastic at all and we felt rushed to make our choices. This person seemed more interested in some sort of apparent conflict with another employee, than in listening to our needs.
There is another KD there, but I feel it would be tacky to ask to change KD's after this one made up a design. So I guess I'm being a coward and trying to take the easy way out by switching to a Lowe's farther away, lol!

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If the design doesn't reflect the requests that you made in your design conference with the KD, I'd have to ask them why the items you requested are not shown. But also, if you're not feeling a positive connection with this designer, I would have no hesitation about talking with the store manager and asking to switch designers (IF you've talked with the other designer and got on with them)

If you prefer the less confrontational way and you've identified another designer at another store that seems to "get" you and your space, then I'd certainly give them a chance to work with you on a design rather than skip getting a quote from us all together.

However, I'm getting some hints here that your budget isn't that robust, and you're already stretching to do this project, yet you still aren't getting what you want. I also seem to recall that you aren't a DIYer and don't want to tackle any of the labor to save money and that you have tile counters.

What that says to me, (and mind you, I'm not there in person to get all of the cues) is that you should be looking at the Shenendoah cabinet line for your cabinets, and that you should also be thinking about buying a sledgehammer to demo that kitchen. Demo is a heck of a lot easier than rebuilding it! And tile counter demo is about 1-1.5K of the labor, I'd bet, if you have an average sized kitchen. That's a lot of savings you could realize! I'd be happy to talk you through the process if you are uncertain about it.

If I can answer any more questions you have, I'd be happy to try to help you.

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Hey, GreenDesigns, thanks a lot for your help!

Yes, we are not DIY-ers ( at least not for major projects)but we've been thinking we *could* do the demo part (as someone else also suggested) - and what you say only bolsters our confidence :-)

Thanks for the tip on Shenandoah.

Your reply on the whole clarified a lot of things I was mulling over in my head - so I am grateful :-).

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I had gone to lowes for a preliminary quote. The KD I worked with quoted diamond. She also seemed busy talking to others.

Since I go there often, I used an opportunity when she wasn't there to talk to someone else. He seemed to get what we wanted and I made an appointment with him. She was there while we had our appointment but never said a word. I had told him she pushed diamond when we wanted shenandoah.

I'm so glad we switched. The new KD totally understood that we were DIY and gave us lots of ideas to save money. Also I ended up with exactly what we wanted instead of another color because I thought I couldn't afford it but the KD picked up on my little comment about color and showed me how I could infact afford cherry and the color I wanted for less than what I originally picked. Moral of the story is work with someone who understands where you are coming from and what you want in your kitchen.

Today we are finishing the HW floors, also from lowes. In a few days we will be installing our shenandoah cabinets.

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Debrak: Your sentence summed it all up neatly -"Moral of the story is work with someone who understands where you are coming from and what you want in your kitchen."
Thank you!

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