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NorthofCenterAugust 31, 2013

Medallion, Dynasty, Plain and Fancy or Custom. Any idea what the cost might run for 15 by 8 with very simple cabinets?

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Too many variables. As in hundreds, if not thousands. What layout? (Out of hundreds possible?) What cabinet boxes in that layout? (A 24" single door, or double door, or drawer stack or trash pullout or tray organizer, or open bookcase, or full height door, or base MW cabinet, ......) What wood? (Oak, maple, cherry, walnut, alder, red birch, pecan, stain grade maple, lyptus.......) Door style? (157 versions of shaker? Raised panel of 243 versions? Slab? Applied molding?.....) Stain? (Plain single stage wipe? Multi-stage dye, wiped stain, glaze? 15 stage tinted polished lacquer? Opaque lacquer? Solid color 3 stage paint? Paint with glaze? Paint with glaze with light distressing? Stain with highlight?.......) Moldings? (Small single crown with installer's blocking? 3 step crown with mounting strip? 2 step light rail? Decorative onlays? Island legs? Decorative feet.....)

Even if you narrowed the variables down to just the hundreds possible, the quotes can be from 20-60K for the same kitchen in the same line, depending on the variables that are left. Develop your layout first, then develop a relationship with a KD who offers a couple of lines that can give you the overall look that you want. Then lean on them to help you navigate the maze.

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GreenDesigns is right in every point, of course. But I can tell you that for my 15 x 8 galley, stained cherry, true custom with bells and whistles, I paid something like $11,600. I used a Mennonite craftsman in Upstate NY - location matters, too. I had initial quotes ranging from $8000 to $18000, including big box, semi custom, and custom. If you come up with a basic plan and specs, as GreenDesigns suggests, you'll be able to get starting estimates. But be sure to consider the quality. It's worth a little extra to get a good product.

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I've always found that it's best NOT to pick cabinets that particle board for their interior. The particle board sucks up lots of smells and holds them. Better to spend a bit more and get laminated or veneered insides.

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