Black Galaxy - Does it sparkle to much?

tbugeraAugust 10, 2008

Do you thing that Black Galaxy granite sparkles and shines just a bit to much.

I have it on my outer counters (lightly stained cherry)

The island's granite will be fabed on Monday. I am thinking it may be just a little to much bling. The sample that I originally saw did not have as large flecks of copper as the installed pieces do. My island is going to be about 3.5' by 6' and am thinking I should consider another surface instead of BG.

Did anyone install BG and would reverse it if given the chance.

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I personally do not have BG, but have seen it in several of my clients' homes. The counters I have seen are very dark black with small, almost pinpoints of sparkle. When the light hits them the right way, they are quite sparkly. Most people like that. If the granite you are considering has larger flecks or too many flecks for your taste, maybe you could look for BG slabs you will like better. If you decide BG is not for you, what other surfaces would you consider?

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I wanted black galaxy, but DH thought it was too sparkly and flashy. The samples and slabs at our local shop had rather large copper flakes--much larger than pinpoints. That's what I liked about it! (Is that why you chose black galaxy?)

Anyway, we compromised on black impala. It has a more "regular" pattern and varies very little from one slab to the next. It reads black from a distance, but it actually has lots of silver and gray speckles, and it does sparkle a little.

Personally, I wouldn't put a different but very similar granite on the island. To me, it would look like a mistake. I would choose either something very different from black galaxy or a different surface entirely.

Will your cooktop or sink be in the island? That would break up the large expanse of granite, as would decorative items that you might display on the island.

If I were you (and assuming you can't change the other countertop at this point), I'd get black galaxy on the island as well.

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I have black galaxy in my kitchen and I love it. I have never found it to be too sparkly. I would get it again, but I have fallen in love with a new black called blue eyes in the night. My new kitchen will have that.

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uxoria As you pointed out I also chose BG because of the smaller flecks that the sample had but when i saw the slab with the larger flecks i thought it wouldn't be so much. The installer put the outside counters in on Friday and it was not so bright in the daylight, but in the evening with the dimmer on high the counter sparkle fairly bright. I just may have to get used to it I suppose time will tell.

Like you indicted I could put some thing entirely different, only thing is, the perimeter cabinets are the same as the island base.

No, the cook top is on the wall, so the island will be on its own with three pendant highlighting all the details. I like an uncluttered look so I will not likely be putting anything on the island.

The granite guy has yet to cut the island is there anything he can do to minimize the shine or does the sparkle lessen with time. (i never did like the leathered look much and i am sure it would look like i was covering up a mistake if i were to do that on the island)

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I assume you do not like Absolute Black, my absolute favorite granite?

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I don't think there's anything you can do to minimize the shine other than honing it (but you might ask your fabricator about that). My granite is just as shiny and sparkly as the day it was installed. I don't know what you mean by "leathered look"; do you mean honed?

But patricia brings up a good about getting the island done in absolute black? That would compliment the black galaxy but not have the sparkles. You could also get it honed if you don't want it shiny.

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Patricia I originally was going to go with absolute black but some one indicated that it shows dust a few hours after you clean up. But under the circumstances i would be glad to install absolute black.

Thanks uxorial, would the absolute black on the island really go well with the black galaxy on the perimeter counters. Convince me, I have no eye for stuff like that.

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Have you looked at Mongolian Black Galaxy? It is not as shiny as Black Galaxy (which is why I love my BG btw :-))

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I do not see why the black galaxy and absolute would not work together, although I have not seen your project. What I like about Absolute Black is that I cannot find a surface that I would not like it on or that it would not work with, same with marble. I think the white marble and the absolute black are absolutely the Lamborghini and Ferrari of stone and it works with anything. Well, almost. I just would not want precious absolute black granite or white marble insulted by being put in an orange and purple kitchen. (Insert smiley here).

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I get no more dust on my absolute black granite than I do on my arctic ice. It will show up quicker which gives you a clue that you need to wipe it with the handy microfiber. Yes, mine probably has more on it than most because my blue (gray) Persian cat has claimed the black granite in our master bath as his new home. He hops onto the vanity bench, and from there to the countertop and of course, I must keep it cleared and nice so that he does not knock things off. It's his. He has claimed it so I have learned to keep it cleared of "junk" and especially breakables but it is also a reminder to wipe with the microfiber that I keep nearby.

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If I could I would include a photo, I have it in iphoto but can't seem to get it on this site.

I will have my granite guy show me some absolute black, to consider for the island.

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Thanks for all the input.

I ended up going with the BG on the island, it was installed today and I like it.

When the kitchen is complete and i figure out how to send the photos, I will.

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Vinayak Exports

Black galacy granite picture is attached in my post, you can see it is beautiful and doe not sparkle much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Galaxy Granite

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