Sealing marble: anyone use the Dupont sealer w/ 15 year warranty

ming001August 27, 2011

I've chose my marble (Gioia) and not onto getting it installed.

Daltile sells (and therefore likes) the Dupont sealer with the 15 year warranty. The fabricator has to apply and register with Dupont, then the homeowner goes on line and assumes the warranty. It will transfer to new owners if I sell. They claim that Dupont will repair or replace the stone if it stains (etching is another issue but we are ok with it).

Wondering if 1) the sealer works well and 2) how willing they are to replace stone and if there are lots of hoops to jump through.

I am going to go back to Daltile tomorrow but I'd really like any solid advice on sealing (Daltile will, of course, say it's great) and if the warranty is 'bunk' as my contractor is claiming.

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I've heard nothing but good things about Dupont Bulletproof and am getting some in the next day or two for my marble back splash and counter.

I wouldn't count on any warranty support that claims to replace $1,000's worth of stone counter from a $50 bottle of sealer. For that warranty model to work, they'd have to pay out on next to no claims.

That's like paying $100 for a new tire on your car and the manufacturer saying they'll replace your car if the tire blows. Just not economically possible.

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Mine is Stone Tech -- made by DuPont. Not sure if it's the same one you are talking about but I've had it down just short of 4 years. I have no complaints with it.

I would just get the sealer and don't worry about the warranty. Not only is it like buying a tire and thinking they'll replace your car, you don't want the counters replaced, the cabinets and slash possibly damaged, your sink and plumbing upset (which I'm sure they won't cover), and that's assuming you overcome the it wasn't applied correctly and it wasn't maintained correctly exceptions.

They said repair or replace, and chances are the only thing they will do is tell you that you that the sealer either wasn't applied correctly or that it is a wear area where you should have reapplied sealer and then apply a poultice and tell you to reseal the area. I doubt they do pay out on any replacements. But it sounds good.

Marble is a very durable stone and can be worked with. Most sealers will do a fine job of protecting from stains. They do need to be reapplied, especially in your heavy traffic areas. I've only spot resealed in some wear spots, but I've had tomato sauce, chocolate and other stuff splattered in places I didn't see and clean until the morning after. No stains. In the wear area by my sink, I had a light tea stain, but it came right out with any special efforts -- a little cleaner and a light buffing. If it were worse, I'd have been here looking for a poultice to put on it. To me, that's less of an issue than waiting around to have someone come do it for me, dealing with the dogs while they do it and having to listen to "don't you know this about your marble, honey."

Get the marble and enjoy it -- or don't. Don't get it thinking miracle products will change the nature of the stone and make it okay for you. Be okay with the stone itself if you are going to get it.

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Thanks for the responses! The sealant is called ProAdvanced by Dupont. I did go back and speak to the woman at Daltile and got some info.

It is indeed limited in what it covers (i.e. just the piece of stone damaged, no plumbing or repairs to backsplash etc).

I am going to get a sealed stone to test and also test out the product I bought via Amazon. Can't hurt. It's definitely cheaper than the DuPont product.

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I think that may be the sealer I have. It is expensive in comparison to cleaning products or paint, but you buy it once, don't need to buy a huge bottle -- a quart will do for most counters, and you'll have some left over for touchups and resealing. But the sealer is cheap in comparison to so many other things that go into your kitchen as well as your time if you have to redo it -- Test something cheaper, but sealer is one of those things that's worth going for the good stuff.

That may sound contrary to my earlier post, but not at all. It's a quality product, but I think you were reading more into the warranty than you would be getting -- or needing. And it's that last point that really matters.

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I am having new honed Carrara marble counters sealed by the fabricator with Bulletpoof, and I will purchase the warranty for $350. You can only get the warranty if the sealer s applied by a fabricator licensed by DuPont. I have read the warranty, and it does promise to repair or replace. Frankly, staining seems pretty easy to prevent (as opposed to etching), so the warranty is probably unnecessary, but I am buying it for peace if mind. My fabricator also gives you the remainder of the sealer and a free bottle of the daily cleaner, which is about $40. Not alot to pay for peace of mind. By the way, my fabricator also rehones on site for $90 an hour. To rehone my entire kitchen (and I have a crapload of marble, almost three large slabs) will take him about six hours. $600 every couple years to get rid of the inevitable etch marks is a small price to pay for the beauty of Carrara.

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