Black Galaxy at $90 a sq foot?

ashley97August 31, 2011

In the final stages of kitchen selections for a new build.

Got the plans set, picked out the granite (Black Galaxy) and the installer came back with a total price of $6300 for 70 sq ft, installed. That is with a sink cut out, a cooktop cutout, U-shape countertop and center island of 60" by 36" (so not a huge slab).

This seems really high....we're looking for a "second opinion" but the builder is pushing us to commit. Finish date for the house is still 5-6 weeks away and cabinets are ordered, and I think we've got more time on this.

They wanted us to use Quartz, we wanted granite and I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it.

We also wanted to find some remnants for a small wet bar (12 sq ft) and the master bath (22 sq ft) and even for the cheapest granite, the quote back was $1800 for the bath and $1100 for the wet bar.....that's $100 a sq foot for the "cheapest remnant" they had.

I know area of the country might have something to do with it (Midwest) but at this rate, Home Depot has a special of $49 a sq ft installed for Uba Tuba and we might go that way because seriously......

Anyone have some insight? Help?


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Prefab black galaxy countertops run about $400 per counter. Plus the cost of sink cut out and cooktop cutout. Plus installation. I would say less than $3000 for the whole job.
or DIY it for about $1500.

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OT a little, but my friend has Black Galaxy and really regrets it. It shows every fingerprint and tiny crumb. The polished blacks can be a real pain to keep clean...
I'd definitely shop around. Take the credit from the builder and get your own people....

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I'm in the midwest, and can assure you that black galaxy should be in your lower price point selection. I would think your local Home Depot would quote you black galaxy for the same price as uba tuba, yes?

I installed it in my last home before I was ready to sell. I never had a problem keeping it clean but that's all individual - when I am in the kitchen working they are a mess and I see every spill but then I clean up and I see no spills. However, I didn't have good undercabinet lighting in my old I'm sure there were lots of prints and crumbs I wasn't seeing....happily not seeing.

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Black Galaxy is a premium granite, and in some areas, a super premium. It runs from about $70-$80 per square foot, plus any edging and cutouts. 70 square feet is an larger than average kitchen, and if you have an upgraded edge, your quote might even be a little low.

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We live on Long Island.
When we re-did our kitchen we chose a granite called "Blue in the Night".
I don't know if it's considered a premium granite but I can tell you it took a bit of work to find a yard that stocked it.
We've got 45 SQ.FT. of countertop and paid $3000 for the slab, fabrication & install.
This price included the ogee edge and sink, faucet & soap dispenser cutouts.
You might try checking around to see if you can find a better deal from a local supplier.

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I own a granite shop in the midwest. Here a kitchen like yours in 3CM Black Galaxy would be at worst low $70's per sq. ft.

you note "They wanted us to use Quartz". thats a big flag to me that your contractor has something other than your best interest at heart. The best thing for you is what you want, not what offers the best profit margin for the contractor.

my 2 cents.

I would definitely look around if I were you!

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I was just looking at granite classicfications yesterday with my friend who's trying to pick one. It ranked them group A (cheapest like uba tuba) to group E. I have emeral pearl which was in group E and I paid $100/sf, and black galaxy was in group D. so I would think $80-90 would be ball park figure. I live in the Ohio river valley

Here is a link that might be useful: granite price groups

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Vinayak Exports

If you want to buy directly from India, with material processed on Italian machinery, it will cost you very low. you can check the below link for your requirements. We also ship LCL shipment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Galaxy Granite

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I love Black Galaxy - never had an appropriate use for it, but I love certain granites.

Anyway, it is a higher-end granite. Are you in an area with a lot of stone yards nearby? You could probably get a better price unless you are in Podunk and can't get materials easily. I am in So. California and luckily it is very competitive here. I bought two beautiful slabs of seafoam green, which I believe is the same level as Black Galaxy, and paid $2600 for them at a stoneyard in Santa Ana, plus $1600 for fabrication and install for two bathrooms. Three sink cutouts, bath deck and storage cabinet.

Prices have definitely come down from when I did my kitchen six years ago - those trades took a beating and now their prices are much more reasonable. Do shop around and also get references. Ask the contractor to break out what the slabs cost, then let us know here.

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hmmm I just posted but it didn't seem to show up. We are having blue pearl granite installed today which is also considered premium. We are having 3cm installed and he is doing it for 45 dollars a square foot, this includes an artisan stainless steel 16 gauge sink. We are getting a 3 inch backsplash and have had him mill it down so that it will be thinner and not thick and clunky looking. We are getting a half bullnose edge (all included in the price).... All this for 2215. We are using a local fabricator who has his own business, he doesn't have a lot of overhead that i think some of these companies have. I looked at the prices at home depot and the same thing would have cost me over 3500 I believe. Definitely check around and compare prices if you can. If the builder will give you an allowance that would be great. We had about 45 square feet or so.

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