Please vote on best range wall design!

lniaAugust 25, 2012

So many of you have had an influence on my kitchen, and I truly appreciate the help. As some may know I have struggled with the decision of angled pantry/no pantry. I thought we had decided on none but we could not seem to design a corner without that did not seem hidden due to the standard depth fridge and limited space for counters/cabinets. Furthermore, we recognize that a reach-in, small walk-in pantry would be so much more functional for us than a cabinet pantry. Below are some of the designs we are considering, including one that reflects no pantry with sunken corner issue. Please help me decide based on your expertise. I need to get beyond the kitchen and make some decisions, finally... Thanks!

Option 1: angle pantry w/ range/island centered

Option 2: No angle pantry; range/island centered. Cabinet pantry. Like the symmetry of this kitchen but do not like the lack of a functional pantry as well as the fact that every design that we have done w/o angle pantry, reflects a sunken corner, such as the below picture.

Option 3: island centered to the room/range centered to the wall.


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Looks like #1 is your favorite, right? Looks like a good choice. Don't like the island not centered. If you want a pantry then dang it! HAVE a pantry!

Right? :)

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option 1 looks the best.

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Thanks deedles and herbflavor!

Forgot to post another option of 3- (i will call it 3b. If I did this option- range not centered to island- I do like the look of these staggered cabinets better.

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The only time you will eve see something centered is when you are standing directly in the center of the room. 99% of the rest of the time, it will look off centered because of where your viewpoint is located.

Choose the pantry. Don't worry about centering either the island or the range. Worry about whether you have enough clearance for your fridge to open when it's against the pantry (many won't open in this situation). Worry about the fridge sticking out into minimal aisles (are you going with a counter depth?) Worry about needing a prep sink on the island (you DO need one there). Worry about doing staggared cabinets instead of all of them to the ceiling so you get more storage space (If you care, staggared is also out of fashion now.)

There are a LOT of things to worry about, but centering anything here isn't one of them. Do what WORKS the best for the layout. That would mean the large pantry and a large island with prep sink, no matter how any "centering" fell.

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Thanks for the reality check, green design! I needed it.
So staggered is not a trend now? Cabinets are same height across all? 42 inch for 9 feet?

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